When a person is growing up, an important part of his life is his teenage. It is a time when he is in the transition to become an adult. He grows physically as well as mentally and consequently. In the mean time, his set of responsibilities grows as well. He becomes an important member of the household and is expected to act like an adult as well as perform all his household chores. Other than that, he is expected to maintain good grades in school tests too. Even from women, expectations are high. They have their own sets of problems and goals, usually leading to marriage.

But while your average teenager(above 15) may look like an adult, they are still children at heart. Not the child they used to be five to six years ago, but still a child nonetheless. Their physical attributes may have matured, but their mentality hasn’t.

This brings me precisely to my point. People think too much of this lot. They think that teenagers are ready to tackle all sorts of problems and they expect them to handle the issues with ease.

In order to understand the mindset of teenagers, one must know that they are going through a difficult phase in life where many changes take place. Their hormones shoot up, and so do their desires, be it sexual or not. At the same time, they begin to absorb the world for what it truly is, dark and cruel. Some of these teenagers get influenced by these aspects and who can blame them? After all, it is part of growing up. Also, this age is known as the rebellious age, which means that they basically despise everything that’s happening around them. They want to stay away from their families and be alone in peace. Instead, they get bombarded with problems and unreal expectations. Get good grades, stay in shape, make yourself presentable, be social (but not too social), participate in all activities, etc.

There are some people I know who have family problems (for example; single parent, poverty, disputes with other families, physical or mental disabilities, etc). With circumstances like these, it is easy to deviate from what needs to be done first. Some boys do not have fathers and they have to take the responsibility of providing for the rest of the family. Now this is not a task fit for a boy of this tender age. They are too young and immature to handle this responsibility. But they have no choice. These boys have to earn the bread and butter of their families and also concentrate on their studies at school, if they go to any institution.


The society that we live in is cruel, foul, and unforgiving. For some, it is a living hell. But we can do our part in making it a better place. We can start by helping the troubled (teenagers fall under that category). This young lot will make the future. It is in their hands to rid the earth of its bad aspects and fill it with joy and peace. Only they can make this environment a better place for us and for their own families. To help them reach their destination, we should not shove all these things right into their faces, rather ease them into it.

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