“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” 

This saying clearly depicts the importance of…

Well look, I’m not going to write an essay on “Sports and Games” or something like that. Today I’ll share my views on something that is much more exciting to me. Something that has the essence of all the fun and recreation we read about in our essay books but at the same time it’s personal as well as practical for us. This element plays a pivotal role in completing us and it lies within us undiscovered.

An hour that has it all.

Our daily routine

We all have those tough monotonous daily schedules in which we are surrounded by piles of books and loads of assignments; sandwiched between them are the tough routines either of school, college or an academy. We’re suppressed by the fact that our grades aren’t going right. We are tired because of the daily lectures of our parents and teachers and are wired with the cable of responsibilities.

Amidst all these confusions in profusion, one must find some space to breathe. It can be in the form of something that can prove to be a nourishment for the soul.

We all have some talents in us that we want to show the world or want to practice to satisfy our desires, but due to certain family and study pressures, it becomes difficult for us to maintain an active relation with them and just like a candlelight starts getting dimmer as its wick becomes shorter, our desires and talents also fade away. But the question is, “Do they seriously have a major role in our lives?”. Yes, they surely  do. 

When one does a thing he likes with full devotion, which then turns out to be quite a trifle and enjoyment for him, this helps him to perform a difficult task he doesn’t like or approve of much by keeping the hope alive that he can once again experience that fun after completing that ‘boring’ task. It is this ‘Hope factor’  that turns out to be his shortcut to success.


Talents and hobbies range from playing football to chess, singing out loud with your earphones on to painting a picture on a sunny day, developing your bond with nature by watering a plant to making a X Box your first mate and dreaming of becoming a gamer, reading bestseller novels to reading billboards and banners, doing yoga to just, sleeping. Playing with hearts too is trending by the way.

But what has to be managed and how to manage it?

Our days have 24 hours in which we are active for not more than 10 hours. Out of these, we have to study, handle workload and handle life itself too. But devoting a single complete hour for something that one loves to do, can do the trick. An hour in which only you and your hobby are dating each other and you throw away all the tiredness of the day. In this hour you learn something that isn’t available in your textbooks and you stop thinking about your test marks but think more about yourself. In this hour you will flourish as a human being, and not as an A+ student. This hour will prove to be better than the remaining 23 hours of your day.  It’s just all about that “single hour”.

Create balance in life

However, the key element here is, the balance. Every productive thing in this world is actually in some kind of balance. So even if you want to enjoy, you need to keep that balance. Never get too obsessed with your talent so that it may not interfere destructively with your daily life chores. Though this is easier said than done. I myself have a great passion for singing and sometimes it gets over a bit too. But somehow, I manage to clear my job successfully, by the end of the day.

Just be focused on what is necessary for you to live a happy life and try to gain respect among others. Contemplate on not only your goals but also find a reputable job. What should be your first priority? The choice is yours.

As they say:

“Where there is a will, there is a way.”

However, that hour can help you achieve wonders, make you take your work seriously and will help to keep that smile on your face that spreads happiness everywhere.

An hour that lightens the burden of life which is encapsulated in the form of books, bags, notes and responsibilities. An hour that even makes you more patient to face new challenges.

That single fun hour.

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