A trip down memory lane,
Some beautiful things I see
Birds chirping, children playing
All enjoying merrily

The cool breeze touches my skin
As I venture down these places
I see flowers while passing by
With brightly colored faces

And what supports it all?
Who gives life to all of this?
Which makes the nature so bountiful
And turns it into utter bliss

It is something as deep as the sky
Yet embedded in the grounds
It protects the nature around it
The animals its watchful hounds
This sapphire colored blessing
Which God has showered on this planet
Providing us with life and sustenance
We simply cannot live without it

Alas, the memory is gone
It only exists in the past
With the world revolutionizing rapidly,
How long was it going to last?

It has been used and wasted,
Leaving the nature to rot
And what prevailed was death,
Which was all the animals got

There was once a beautiful place,
Where nature would tend to thrive
In order to gain what is lost,
Save water. Save lives


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