Look at the world around you, blazing fast, going about in multiple directions simultaneously. In the midst of this happening, we seem to ignore the deeply rooted
disturbing ideologies in our societies that run blatant everywhere. They might not affect us in any way whatsoever, but as much as I hate to see it, they do.
They always have and they always will continue to do so. You can easily find a million writings and debatable opinions on human body, mind, soul, feelings, taste, desire, greed, love, lust, behaviour, pshycology; the hard question of what is good and bad; the harder question of what is better; a conundrum of ideas and mysteries most of which are still left to solve. Thus the complexity of ‘humans’, or any living matter is too complex to suffice in a junk of words. But it all narrows down to the pigmentation
of your skin. In earlier times, it was only a matter of white, now the ‘tan’ taste has created even more havoc. If not pigmentation then it’s your physical features
that have to match the societies expectations, like machined ken and barbie dolls. Moreover the number of printed paper in your bank account is also taken into consideration. Other than that, and probably the worst, a pathetic piece of black ink printed on white paper which screams in your ear about how intellegent you are. I personally do not have a problem with any of it. Each and everyone of you has his/her own preference and they are free to choose, but take a step back into the inception of everything. Are appearances enough to judge someone? Does money define a human being? Is their more beauty than buttocks and breasts? Do result cards show your true intelligence? Does the inside even matter? Surely you are looking at all this and confused in all this mumbo jumbo hocus-pocus idea. But remeber,
naked eyes can never visualise inner beauty. Naked eyes are even worse when compared with a blind eye. Because blind ones know nothing but naked eyes are deceptive. You must wear the spectacle of true vision to get away from this false sense of enticement. It isn’t hard, but it might force you to think, which is the difficult part. However, the real question is, can you, or, are you too plastic to realize it?

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