Desperate cry of a helpless man,
Can be heard in the streets.
The buildings bow down in grief,
The walls, will never forget,
What they have just witnessed.
To mention will only cause distress

The oppressor walks out,
With a bloodstained knife.
No one dares to question his life,
People are afraid to challenge his might.
His tongue is considered pure,
No one doubted it for thirteen pieces of

Deaf, Dumb, and blind,

The wounded man stumbles into solitude,
Failed to get his identity renewed.
No one bothers to answer his call,
Mass ignorance displayed by us all.

The tormented stand in line,
Waiting for the end of their time.
Their future is dark and grey,
Their weaknesses have led them astray.

All they want is eternal sleep,
So that they can rest in peace.

Your descent into this rotten world,
Has endured upon you endless suffering.
A tree of hurt and misery has grown,
Now reap what you have sown.

Doors of escape have now closed.

There is nothing left to behold.

The human code,

Is now corrupted and cannot be
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