Homo sapiens are truly a curious bunch. We are supposedly the master race, the species to rule them all. The bearers of the will of the Master of the universe. At this point, we think we stand at the highest peak of humanity, yet amongst the 8 billion humans currently inhabiting this planet Earth and the countless before them, only a minute bunch can claim that they have led the species forward. We stand thoroughly divided as species whose glory rests on the burdened shoulders of a few labelled “Elite” which in turn, has led the remnants to be labelled average, a term widely used to express the supposedly normal human phenomena. Humans currently spend their precious lives chasing after fabricated ambitions, struggling to abide by the rule of the norm, fighting each other to make but a piece of Earth their own.

Earth, a seemingly endless rock of land and sea mass suspended in the universe whose even duodecillionth Gpc mass it does not occupy, a Gpc being 3.26 billion light years in strictly relative terms. And in this, modestly put, vast universe our bane of existence are the same selfish materialistic desires which blind us to what being human actually means and the weight it carries. Sometimes we are left wondering, “What is my purpose?”, “Why am I here?”, “What difference can I make?”, questions every human has undoubtedly asked himself. Questions like, “Why struggle at all if everything we do amounts to nothing, whether all our actions are for naught?”.

The first thing that we need to realize is that a human being cannot and does not have a ‘purpose’ in life because we are not mere tools created to be limited to a specific task. Purpose is, at its very core, a rigid and bland word better suited to our creations, not humans themselves. We were made to be creatures of change. The crown jewel of the unmatched glory of humanity is in essence the very uncertainty of our actions. The world is an ever-changing abode with a continuous degree of evolution occurring every single moment, every second is the harbinger of something new, uncertain. Amidst this uncertainty we should know that even the smallest of our actions do have a hand in shaping our universe for what it is and what it will be.

Perhaps the biggest detriment to the unmatched glory of the human race is fear. Fear has become an inevitable and overpowering part of our lives. There are various kinds of fears in our lives like fear to fail, fear of struggle, fear of pain, fear of the unknown, fear to disappoint, fear of change, fear to be embarrassed and most importantly, the fear of oblivion. These fears, amongst countless others, have become the forces that fuel our daily routines thus leading us to live a repetitive and monotonous life, a secure life without any of these fears. We stick to the safe beaten path. Our remaining days become identical and we go on auto-pilot living out the best days of our life in pursuit of the illusion of safety with the satisfaction that fate, a cruel mistress, and the world has drived us to this point. We blame and quarrel while subconsciously, we still lament over our lost ambitions and the sense of euphoria of our childhood that was sucked out of us. Seeking to run from these fears, we end up making them our shelter all the while failing to realize, that this is a curse to the very concept of the existence of humanity.

Hope is what should drive us ahead. Hope instills belief in us to do more. It forces us to look beyond the norm, to take risks, learn from failure, failure which is the milestone to success. Hope makes us know that one day this wretched path of thorns will turn into a bed of roses. This is what makes us believe in fairy tales. Hope is the pinnacle of the imperfect perfection of humanity. Hope is what we were made for and most importantly it is what we fight with when all else is lost. Hope is our only weapon against the heaps of fear gripping us all.

We live in an infinitely diverse world containing over 8 billion people with unique ambitions, views, personalities and beliefs. There cannot be a hard and fast rule as to what we are supposed to do because we aren’t supposed to do anything at all. The key to this phenomenon is to understand that even the smallest of our actions matter and we never know what action, deed or event might just be the one to change the lives of others. We are meant to be like a blooming flower. We need to scatter our seeds everywhere on the hope that one day, one seed will bear fruit and thus continue the cycle to enlighten the next generation. Hope breeds joy and joy is the soul of happiness. We need to realize our worth and know that we were made to do what we want and only then can we experience true joy and happiness. For happiness is a personal thing and joy is common in all forms of happiness. The Great Rowen Illbert once said:

“May joys from afar beget joys close to the heart and carry those joys far afield, for the act of spreading joy is the greatest joy of all.”


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