One never gets tired of hearing about the issues Pakistan is currently facing. From power shortages to heaps of garbage littered around the streets, from corruption to oppression, from honor killings to target killings, from unemployment to low development, but ultimately, it all boils down to one thing, a corrupt government. A common phrase that we hear many a time, “What can we do ourselves, our leaders are corrupt.”, and then just by simply putting all the blame on to the government, we unload ourselves from all the pressure and responsibilities.

“People will have rulers as they themselves would be” – A famous saying.

What we constantly fail to see is our significance in these problems. It would not be wrong to say that our country has seen its fair share of corrupt leaders and dictators and unfortunately, still continue to do so. Although, they share the major part of the blame, but what we do in our day to day life isn’t really contradictory to our government’s actions either. We are as much responsible for the problems caused as our leaders, and our denial to this fact has crushed us. The first step to solve a problem is to identify a problem. And believe it or not, we are one of the problems.

Anyone who gets leverage, starts bullying. Take the policemen for instance; they know they have the authority and power but, they misuse it by oppressing the weak. They keep all the illegal money raised in their pockets, or use it to pay someone to get themselves promoted. Bribery, false accusations, grafting, wrongful behavior, you name it; our men in uniform are, Alhamdulillah, fully capable of doing all the acts mentioned above. And the people of Pakistan in any case do not seem to doubt it either. But then the same policeman ironically complains about the ills and wrongs of the government while brushing his own bad deeds under the carpet. Although, there are lots of policemen who are doing marvelous jobs too but the sad thing is that they are quite less in number.

Almost everyone is a part of this corruption according to their own capacity and those who are not, do eventually fall victim to it. There are loads of such occurrences. A simple fruit seller, complaining about corruption and how our leaders have looted and sold out the country, themselves wrong their customers, by attaching a little magnet to the weighing machine. As a result, the machine magically displays 1 kg of fruit as 2 kg. Shopkeepers who have illegally occupied spaces of around 50 feet in front of their shops are fearless, as they will just hand out a green note with a Quaid’s picture on it to the authorities on their  visits.

Another case is the Driving license situation in our country. The people in charge of the driving test, many a times, will not let you pass through until and unless you shovel out some extra cash or, a reference is also known to do the trick, only if one is lucky enough to have one. At this point, we don’t seem to care either as we are bound to hand the money over to them due to some urgency to just get done with the task in hand rather than to stand against this unlawful act. Many of these people who happily hand out the money are ones who have absolutely no driving experience at all and are likely to kill chickens on their way while driving.

Corruption seems to have become a part of our daily lives and we have developed a habit of accepting it as a legal act. We are acting as a catalyst to its increase. Although large scale corruption is a key to failure, small scale corruption is not far behind either. Corruption runs in our blood, and this blood is going to poison the next generation unless we wake up.

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