Skill Enhancing Series

Being a teacher, I have so many responsibilities on my shoulder. I must pray to have, not only the realization of this onerous responsibility, but also proper execution of the duties assigned to me. Realizing this arduous task, I planned to educate the young generation about the skills and qualities they really need to learn.

Our education system is not a system at all. It is hollow at its core and is paving the way to oblivion, by laving the youth to wallow in the valley of despair and frustration. It tests only our cramming skills and the ability to transform it into a written piece which showcases nothing but dull mindedness and lack of creativity.

In the mean time, instead of complaining against the system, I am going to extend my services to my young generation by making them aware of their true passion and talent.Our generation should be taught about values and skills so that they could live a life of independence and prosperity. Following are some skills and qualities which are the fundamental basis of a healthy society:

1. Observation and Recalling
2. Sense of Responsibility
3. Concentration
4. Self control
5. Decision power
6. Obedience
7. Forbearance / Tolerance
8. Creativity
9. Learning capability
10. Listening
11. Speaking
12. Reading
13. Writing

We must find out which skill is present in us and which one is not.
I will discuss all of these points, separately in my future posts. But first, you have to recognize the skill that you possess by analyzing your own character. The first step to improvement is to find out who you are rather than depending on the observations made by others. If you yourself are desirous of a positive change, then no power on Earth can stop you from achieving it. Life is short and unpredictable. In order to make the most out of it, you have to give life your gratitude. Only then, life will reward you with eternal bliss.

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