The dust has settled, the buzz has dampened and the blood has dried, yet in stark contradiction to what was promised, thorns not roses, have sprung up in it’s place. I don’t, in any way, mean to demean the innocent lives lost in the APS attack two years ago but the truth is, nothing has changed. Sure it sparked some heated debates, vows and meaningless promises made to change the current situation but have we really changed? No, we’ve gone back to living our daily lives still creeping with problems of every kind imaginable, we’ve gone back to staying shut about the numerous atrocities committed against us. We’ve gone back to pretending that we love this country whilst simultaneously sucking dry every inch of it’s wealth when we get the opportunity. We’ve gone back to ruthlessly murdering religious minorities on the day our beloved Prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم), the first man who set ground rules for the total safeguard of these very minorities, opened his eyes in this world. We’ve gone back to commiting not only the most heinous crimes against humanity but also against our fellow country men.

It’s almost like we’re cursed to forever live in an endless cycle of decline in which it’s impossible to distinguish friend from foe, terrorist from  patriot and fiend from man. We’re a nation that lists itself as an Islamic State yet we’ve chosen to forsake every teaching of humanity that Islam teaches us. We keep on waiting and waiting on the hope that one day a hero will come and lead this nation to its true meaning, which is impossible since we are not willing to act ourselves. Pakistan was made by the spilled blood of millions of humans, humans who wanted a place where they could live their lives peacefully and with full freedom. The children massacred in the APS attack died for the same vision. Taking a look back to the past 60 or the past 2 years, nothing’s changed, has it? Everyone claims to be sincere to the country but in reality, they’re sincere only to themselves.

Whether it be Islam, it’s teachings, the children killed in the APS attack, we don’t refrain from twisting and perverting the true reason they lost their lives to match our own twisted ideologies. Perhaps, the most alarming thing about all of this is the fact that it doesn’t matter if 150 children or 150,000 children along with men lost their lives, we refuse to wake up. We’ve seemingly gone into a deep slumber of inhumanity and oblivion according to which everything except us isn’t valuable. We’re hoping for our hero to arrive yet, that hope is all but dead. We value protocols and votes more than human lives yet we’re the flag bearers of one of the biggest democracies in the world. We’re not a rational or sane nation rather we’re an emotional one. The APS attack served as a cold reminder of all of this. And, that’s all these tragedies will be to us. “Reminders”, not calls for action. Until we rid ourselves of these problems, incidents like the APS shooting will keep on happening and hundreds of others will lose their lives. It is completely up to us to make sure that these sacrifices do not go in vain and hence, it is our duty to strive against these atrocities. It’s time to wake up from this hypnotic spell of slumber. It’s now or never. 

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