Today we live in a country that once was a hub of modernization, a country whose people were considered to be role models. We were considered as a rising power which was to play a key role in global economy and growth, but with time this image faded. We lost our country to controversies, prejudices and just irrelevant wars on ethnic, social and diplomatic issues. A nation so divided that rarely (almost never) has a government won on any basis other than locality. We should be asking ourselves a question that what lead us to this pathetic condition? Why can’t we be a serious, disciplined and advancing country?

The simplest reason behind this is our ignorance towards factors that ruin oppurtunities for such advancements. The root of this problem is a lack of education. I cannot believe that a country with 60% literacy rate can have such a lame system of Govermnent. How can majority of literate population ignore the basic facts that we are lacking in our daily lives. We can come on roads to protest against governments which were formed on majority of votes, we can claim rigged elections, we can protest against recount petitions but, we can’t protest against the standard of education provided to our children, against the imprudent talks and behaviors of members of National Assembly, where abusing power and using foul language is a custom. I cannot agree with this figure of 60% (UNESCO says 54%). How can hundred million educated people ignore the lies told in our textbooks? This political education has been misleading our kids. The problem is that they were also taught the same things that now affect their children.

In the revolution that occurred in the 1970’s and 80’s, in which our cultural and political interests were diverted and dominated by other forces, we lost so much. We lagged in so many areas such as technology, philosophy and arts, to the extent that the damage was tremendous. Our neighbor, India whom we consider a taboo to praise, has advanced so much that it’s difficult to catch up. The only way we can change is by creating awareness but not by political means. Politics has done more damage to Pakistan than any other field of life, not that it’s an unruly profession but it’s just so tangled, chaotic and corrupt that it’s unimaginable. The hatred that is created among us is a formula that once the monarchs of 1500s used; it was called “divide and rule”. The only way to unite us once again is by creating awareness and providing quality education to our generations. Only then is it possible that we will be able to cope with the advancing world and fill the gap of ignorance that has been left in the crumbling walls of our nation.


Written by: Ali Imran

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