The ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’, once the land of pure people, now recognized as the world’s most intolerant nation religiously, socially, politically and racially. Basically, Pakistan is an amalgamation of a diverse population in the world as it is a hub of distinct languages, races, religions, culture and sects. The people had all been living together in harmony since 1947 but unluckily due to internal restlessness and chaos, they have been portrayed to the world as the most fundamentalist, impatient and intolerant people of the world. This connotation has severely tarnished their image world-wide.
Factually, this is not true as this view is only based upon a smaller fraction of people. In reality, most Pakistanis are quite tolerant, loving, caring, and resilient people.

According to “World Values Survey”, Pakistanis are more tolerant to other races as compared to other nations. This survey was conducted in more than 80 countries, in which the people were asked about what types of neighbours they don’t wish to have. Surprisingly, in Pakistan only 6.5% of the respondents objected to neighbours of a different race. In this regard Pakistan stands with UK, USA, New Zealand and Canada; countries who are very tolerant to other races. To support this fact, examples of our neighbouring countries (India, Hong Kong, Jordan, and Bangladesh) can be taken into considerations which are the world’s least racially tolerant states. The ratio of their tolerance has highlighted that almost 43.5% of Indians, 51.4% of Jordanians, 71.7 % of Bangladeshis and 71.8 % of Hong Kongers are “ethnically narrow-minded”.

Although the outcomes of this survey declared Pakistani nation as broad-minded, one must not forget the seeds of impatience and bigotry that are being planted rapidly in every corner of the country. This can be seen in the form of racial discrimination, religious intolerance, social disharmony, gender discrimination, fundamentalism, injustice, sectarian violence, bad humane governance and inequality. One could suggest that people from outside the country are manipulating and derailing the indigenous people of Pakistan for their own interest.

The need of the hour is that the state of Pakistan should play a constructive and proactive role in minimizing all these menaces and strengthen the social integration of society. The governing body ought to endorse readily available justice, good humane governance, interfaith harmony and stable economy to make Pakistan’s foundation more strong. In the end we all must portray a good picture of our society for our nation to prosper.

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