In a world struck by enormous issues, countries look to fight wars on the basis of strength of their economies. Various situations are witnessed across the globe almost every day. These include poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, population growth, gender inequality, poor health facilities, environmental abuse, and lack of harmony amongst different communities. Such economic problems might lead to unexpected events. An example of one such event has been the recent BREXIT (Britain Exit from the European Union).

My research entirely comprises on this issue that has affected a huge number of global economies. The primary reason for working on this project is because I’ve always been interested in pursuing business studies which specifically includes my passion for economics. Hence I wanted to apply my knowledge of economics to practical scenarios and working on a research project was one of the best ways to do it.

Brexit has had various economic, social, and political impacts. The particular influence on the United Kingdom and the European Union has been discussed in detail. I hope that you find this research useful when it comes to analysis and understanding of different economic decisions.

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