It feels like the society that we live in and the people who we share our lives with seem to be changing. Instead of getting better, everything seems to be falling apart. The society is becoming worse than before for people to live in. Rather than looking at the positive side of a situation, people seem to choose the negative side. This society and its people have developed rigid conceptions on their own unclear ideas and then, assert themselves on the fact that what they have are facts not opinions, and not just this but that they are right in every case.

We also believe in controlling and ruling the lives of the people that are connected or associated with us in any way. They seem to be raising voices of thankfulness and consolation for others and their work. Exceedingly encouraging them to accomplish a greater amount of what they do, applaud them persistently without even taking a mild break between those appreciations; applauding them and being pleased and grateful to them for all the good that they do for the society. Meet the unbent deceivers of our general public that we are. It precisely goes in the way that it is written. We acknowledge others for what they do yet, we never, I repeat, we never permit individuals related to our lives to do what they wish for.
We aimlessly place our beliefs in false perceptions and with no knowledge, we decide to place a boycott. A similar circumstance exists with respect to the field of media. Despite, the fact that people present their views in different ways, they all direct our attention towards the negative aspect that they perceive.

“Being a media student is either simple or it’s not a field for the girls of respectable family to go up against.”
Why isn’t it a field to go up against? Individuals in this field, whether they are actors, producers, make up artists, visual architects, media heads or even spot boys for that example, buckle themselves sufficiently down to accomplish a respectable position alongside a ton of diligent work which is likewise considered their experience. Sitting in a silver screen and scrutinizing whether a film was great or not is simple. Criticizing the performing artists along with the whole team is possibly the easiest thing to do, however, to do what the group did to make that one or two hour long motion picture is by far the very least unimaginable thing. It’s a venture spread over two years, many times these projects are spread over more than two years and much more here and there.

The fields of medical and engineering are without a doubt extremely difficult, and they require complete attention, focus and dedication from the student who has opted for them but, this does not simply state that if these fields are difficult then so is media and on the grounds that you have no learning of the whole field nobody has the privilege to trust that media is included in the list of “easy fields”. I have even had the opportunity to go over stereo-typical personalities where individuals suspected that the ones who can’t get affirmation in any restorative or building foundations take up media as their majors to simply pass. They likewise trust that the experts of different fields have regard while media identities have no regard whatsoever.

It is fun yet, it is beyond any doubt as equally difficult to study media. Our work spins around mostly. Most of the time, the way that we work changes along the time period. Not only our general public but, rather every individual needs to discover that each field has its own particular elements and principles of working.
The most important step that I believe that everyone needs to take is to change our perceptions not only about the field of Media but about every field that we label as easy, simple or pathetic. We all should eradicate the generalizations winning in the general public and start conveying the propensity for acknowledging what everybody does, never make suppositions on insignificant perceptions and permit our friends and family to pick a similar field, and let them do what they wish to do in the future without passing judgment on them.

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