Our life has become so scheduled that we don’t even have a second to offer ourselves (Inter and matric students especially).
I remember those days when I used to watch cartoon network’s toonami, although I did my homework first but still I had some time to do what I loved. Having a good power nap after school and going outdoors with my friends, or should I say ex-friends, because I haven’t met them for a very long time.

God! I miss those days. In this era of so called competition, maybe a fraction of youth (inter and matric students) won’t consider some extra tuition classes, unlike me or many of us. Agreed, marks are important, but somewhere in between this race we are loosing our enthusiasm of this beautiful age. The charm a teenager has, our routine has deleted that app. The day starts with preparing for a test and ends in thinking of preparing for the next.

Extra-curriculars? Some of us couldn’t even spell it without autocorrect. Always wanted to play cricket for my college team, don’t even have time to sit and watch a bowling over on TV. Many of our skills buried in the sands of academics, many aspirations vanished from our thoughts ’cause there was not enough memory to hold them and trigonometry together.
Dragon Ball Z, WWE, cycling, cricket and lots of other stuff that I miss a lot, many of us do. Maybe someday marks won’t make us smile, but memories will.


Written by: Abdullah Khan

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