In today’s world where people are getting so busy and engaged with their daily routine, that very few actually find quality time to spend with their family and friends and cherish those moments which they could call later as the best parts of their life. However, there are certain things in life which often makes us feel complete, gratified and happy, due to which we do not always feel alone or neglected. There are things in life which we might take for granted and not realize the importance they hold in our lives and the way they keep us moving with determination every day, despite of all our tensions and tiring routine. Even in this 21st century, Pakistani society still does (and most probably always will) express its love for Chayee and yearn for it every day like their first cup ever! Chayee, Ayee Hayee……

So here are these nine reasons which will tell us that why Pakistani society still craves for Chayee as if they would not get another cup after their first one. *winks*
Morning teas for all Pakistani husbands make them happy and content. Ahh Subah Ki Chayee… The happiest, luckiest and most organized wife is the one who gives her husband the perfect morning tea without which he cannot even smile or work properly. The morning tea isn’t a priority, it is a need which means a must. So ladies, if you are part of this society then you better learn how to make a perfect tea which will make him happy and active enough to listen to your demands and take you to the shopping so that he gets another cup without doubt. *Grins*

Humari family kae mahol ka tou koi bharosa nahi so yeah steaming, hot cup of tea should be ready for Abba Jaan to cope with his rudeness (or maybe craziness that we usually have to face). Whether it is a weekend or weekday, a Pakistani family will definitely have a fight twice a week. Fights in a Pakistani family will be on two things: first, ‘Behan nae kaprae poochae baghair pehnae hain!’ and second, ‘Aboo nae Ammi ko sunai, tou bhai ab Ammi ki bari bhi banti hae na sunanae ki.’ So, guys whether it is a fight between siblings or parents, evening teas are the best time to join hands again and despite of all the misunderstandings, your family will still sit together and drink Chayee and laugh!
On a birthday party, on a wedding ceremony or on get togethers of our friends, we never have and we still won’t forget our Chayee because then again, it is the best part, and those who forget – Arey bhai, Chayee bhi koi bhoolnae wali cheez hae? To make all the moments unforgettable one and to live them and cherish them properly, the presence of chayee is necessary.

How can we celebrate something without chayee? We can’t and we won’t. All of us, whether intentionally or unintentionally perceive chayee as love and affection of some sort.
There come some times in life when we might have some sort of a misunderstanding with our relatives, friends or even family and we cannot find a way out. We feel trapped and we really want to end all the misunderstandings and start everything in a new way but we cannot find how, and that is when it dawns upon us that we still have chayee that can make our loved ones happy, it can break the walls and make us love each other again. In other cases, some people might be suffering from mental health problems and this stereotypic society might make them feel low of themselves and that is when we can talk to them by having a cup of tea or coffee and make them feel good about themselves. Tea is not at all stereotypic!
All our tensions, anxieties and worries are somehow released from pain by our sincere friend chayee. Life sometimes flings us hard and we feel like we can’t fight with it anymore. It feels like there isn’t any solution to our problems and suicide is the only way out. No! That is not true, my friend. Sometimes we just have to sit alone and have a cup of tea to relax ourselves and think about ourselves, our lives, our problems and miseries in silence and silences coupled with chayee will definitely prove to be your best friend. Trust me on this one.

Gori Chayee, Ya Kaali Chayee. Chayee, Chayee hoti hae! Oh yes. We really do not care about how it looks but about how it tastes. It is about how we prefer it to be folks. We all are clear about this and finally our society isn’t racist about this at least. We just love chayee and cannot even imagine to hurt her in anyway, okay?! Besides, how can we, when she is the one who remains awake with us when we are doing our late-night assignments and trying to give our best so that we do not get kicked out of class, again.
Sometimes, I just wonder why these tea advertisements are shot. Like, why are people dancing in these tea adverts as if it’s their last dance? Why ‘young actors’ like Javed Sheikh, Noor, Shaan and others coming on stage and dancing with ‘that smile’ and ‘that look’ to promote ‘tea’, when the reality is quite clear that nobody gives a damn about Tarang, Tapal or Lipton because we just need the Goddamn Chayee anytime, anywhere!
Life of every Pakistani, whether living in posh areas of Defense or even those living in slums, all of us enjoy and cherish chayee equally. One of the very few things in which we are united because we share the love for it unanimously. Nothing is different in this and that is what makes it special and unique and every day we collectively say,
‘Dear Chayee; Hum Ko Tum Sae Pyaar Hae!’

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