They tried to make me Demotivated, but they lost, 2015-2017

I love to share my ideas as they are there to be shared. I always fear forgetting all the ideas that overflowed my mind. Once they are shared, I am done playing my part.

I started speaking against the Educational System of Pakistan and got a lot of people standing everywhere around me, trying to demotivate me. You know what’s the biggest problem of our educational system? There is no education. You know what is education? It’s the art of self-knowing and this word “Education” means to discover the hidden talents. Oh talent? What’s that? Nothing it’s just a matter of successful and unsuccessful life (in terms of money).

I started a campaign named “True Education” on Facebook in 2015, where I post different videos to spread the idea of the true sense of education. The education in which i believe. I started by planning something at grass root level that would have had the ability to challenge the educational system or at least to do something different that could broaden the vision of teenagers and kids. I got a great response online but the people around me demotivated me as much as they could. My close ones said, “You are ruining your career”. I replied, “I am making one. I believe in creating my own unique career“. They laughed mocked me. The truth is,  their mocking motivated me!

I didn’t stop. I came across a very close relative of mine who had watched my video. He said, “Son, I don’t stop you from doing all this, but first become something and then work on it”. I replied,  “Firstly, I am a human being who can think differently; doesn’t that mean I am something? Then you know I think big and I try to work for welfare purposes; doesn’t this make me something? Lastly, I do not wait for the right time; I take the step and make the time right for it”.

The journey continued. I kept on going by sticking to the rules I had made for myself: Never stop, never lose hope, keep thinking, and have the firm belief that ‘i will do it’. Therefore i planned to start a youth group. I thought about the ideas and wrote about them in detail and shared them with people.

I came across a senior. I thought that she would be a great help for me, but she said, “This is extra-ordinarily difficult. You know, you have an idealistic approach; it will cause you a lot of problems. Be realistic”. I replied, “I have no fear of difficulties as they are the source of best learning. Secondly, if you think that this approach is idealistic, then thank you, I always wanted to think extra-ordinarily. But let me tell you, being an idealist, is nothing wrong. That’s where all the innovations happen. I mean who would have thought in the past with a realistic approach that a man will fly in the air and that we would connect through video with people thousands of miles away? The ones who thought, thought with an idealistic approach did and people laughed at them. They were told it’s not possible but they knew they would do it and they did. I know I will do it, I have this firm belief“.


Finally, I announced that I am going to start “ACT YOUTH FORCE”where ACT stands for ‘Actions in Cooperation to Thrive’. After Many weeks of thinking, I ended up with this name and a logo I designed myself. Someone very close to me said, “Danish, it’s not an easy thing. It’s not an easy task, think again, you are a student. You will face a lot of hurdles.” I replied, “The only hurdle exists in our mind and I abolished it long ago. The apparent hurdles are actually the points which are set for me by Allah Almighty to learn and gain experience“.


The last thing, one of my fellows asked, “Danish what do you get from all these volunteer activities? No money, no benefits?” I replied, “Something you don’t know and you have no desire for: Self-Satisfaction. This is the best measure of success. Measure the success with the level of self-satisfaction“.


Written by: Danish Khan

Founder of Act Youth Force

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4 thoughts on “They Tried To Demotivate Me

  1. I am with u my friend.
    All elders have same approach bcz u know we r living in Pakistan where talent is not given flight but they are crashed down to earth.
    May Allah bless u and Grant u success in ur Noble deeds and desires.
    Keep working with the same ease and enthusiasm..
    And never forget me. After all we r school friends😂😂✌✌✌

  2. This article sets you as an emblem of hope and success, MA! Such persistence and unfailing faith surely makes one find great ways and enthusiasm to achieve what we dream of but very few actually earn that; inner peace. Very well written!

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