Most young Moulvis that you will come across, will have a tragic transformation story. A happening that turned their life, their personality upside down. I’m one of them. My tragedy was falling in love and succeeding. Yes, succeeding.

People presume that Moulvis don’t have feelings, don’t have attraction towards the opposite gender, and don’t find it hard to be who they are.



The truth is that Moulvis are emotionally more liquid than others, because a good Muslim has to have a soft heart. He raises his hands for dua, covers his face with his hands and cries in the privacy that those hands offer him. And with the face-wipe of “Ameen” he wipes off the tears, because they’re not for the world to see; they’re for the Lord of the worlds. And it’s not easy doing that, for he has to let go of his ego every time he makes dua; he has to hammer at his heart to break the ice of pride. This makes his heart more liquid, and makes him more emotional.



As for attraction to the opposite gender, he has that too, more than others. The reason is the simple rule: “If you are looking for Satan, you will not find him in a dance club, or at a bar. You will find him in the Masjid.” The people at the dance club are already doing what Satan wants them to do, but those praying at the Masjid, are the ones trying to escape him. They are the ones he works on, day and night. Since the young Moulvi is trying to lower his gaze when a girl walks by, trying not to let shameless thoughts pollute his mind, trying not to let the love of this world outweigh his love for Allah, Satan will work on him overtime. The guy who gazes at women whenever he gets the chance, is not Satan’s priority.


Being who they are

Life of a young Moulvi is harder, yet easier. He has to face jokes, tolerate being called ‘Hafiz Sahab’ and ‘Moulvi Sahab’ by everyone, live with the fact that girls (a) ignore his existence and (b) call him bhai. Even though this is good news for him, since he is striving to love Allah and His Prophet ﷺ more than anyone else, still it causes problems when he tries to get married.


The Mother of all Tribulations

The mother of all tribulations that he faces, is a difference of interests between Islam and his parents.
“What? You want to grow a beard? You’re only 17 years old! You’ll look 30! People will take you for a terrorist.”
Those are the fears his parents express. There are other fears that they don’t speak of, but those are the really scary ones. “What if he becomes an extremist and sets off for jihad in Kashmir?” is the greatest one and
“What if they arrest him out of suspicion of having links with the Taliban?” is another.

It is a historical fact that whenever someone got serious about his religion, about being obedient to his Master, when the people around him weren’t so much, the only logical explanation those people could come up with was that “he’s lost it”. They couldn’t bear this difference of way of life, so they made his life harder for him, to make him return to their way. The same happens to this day, but they don’t do this out of bad intention mind you. They think they’re saving the guy from becoming a typical, narrow-minded, angry, sectarian Moulvi.

In attempt to do this, they make the straight path harder for him. They know that he avoids eye contact and physical contact with women, so they tell him to have a picture with the couple getting married, and make him sit next to the bride, on purpose. They will hand him the camera and go around the hall, taking pictures with all women, so he has to look. Sometimes they will invite him to movie shows, knowing he doesn’t want to go; they will suggest songs, knowing he doesn’t listen to them. Doing this, they will test his patience because they find it amusing that no matter how they tease him, physically or verbally, he never takes revenge, and just smiles. They want to see how far he can stretch his patience.



But the sad truth is, most young Moulvis give up. There is one night, when in front of the whole family, his glass of tolerance overspills, and he bursts. “You people have forgotten your Akhirah! You listen to songs, watch movies, don’t wear hijab, stare at women, miss Salah, and what not! I’m trying to save myself from Jahannam and you’re trying to drag me into it along with yourselves!” He regrets is later. It is important that he grows thicker skin and doesn’t take every single comment at heart. Ignore policy is the best policy. I know this because I, too, cracked in front of about 12 people.


The ease that comes along

But as I said, his life is easier than the lives of other people. The reason is that no matter how hard things get, he can always internally smile and think,
“Allah knows that I’m doing all of this for Him, and the only reason that I’m facing this is because I’m trying to follow His commands. So handling these issues is not my problem, it is His, and He can handle them well.”
Then what happens is best summarized in the following words of Allah Al-Mighty:

“And He provides for him from (sources) he never could imagine. And if anyone puts his trust in Allah, sufficient is (Allah) for him. For Allah will surely accomplish His purpose: verily for all things has Allah appointed a due proportion”
[Quran 65:3]

In the end, the greatest benefit of being a young Moulvi, is the reward of the Akhirah, for the life of this world is like prison for a true believer, and the live of the Hereafter is for him, eternal freedom and everlasting peace.

“Verily for the righteous there will be a fulfillment of (the Heart’s) desires; gardens enclosed and Grape-vines; and young women of their own age, and overflowing cups; they shall hear no vanity, nor any falsehood; (this is) recompense from thy Lord, a Gift (amply) sufficient”
[Quran 78: 31-36]


Written by: Muhammad Rohan Hussain

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8 thoughts on “Life of a Young Moulvi

  1. I would like to sum up your article is the verse of poetry below:
    یہ ارتقا کا چلن ہے کہ اس –زمانے میں؛
    پرانے لوگ نئے آدمی سے جلتے ہیں–

  2. I realy regret and everybdy else too who have hurt the feelings of a young muslim yes not young mulvi its the young muslim i said and remember its the best time and age for obeying Islam for ALLAH PAK. Motivated u r n b like it😊

  3. People will drag you to jahanam and then they will say:”Now we are even Steven.” It is difficult my brother but stay motivated

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