Cover me red, cover me blue, all hues,
Green are my wings, my heart sings,
Strong as silk the cocoon weaves,
Change me inside into purple-pink,

Like a fairy queen make me emerge,
Make me loose all my deformities,
paint me, bedaub in rainbow colors,
Bedeck with jewels red and green,

That outward crust most bewildering,
As the queen emerges with grace, It’s
Feeble and weak, catches its breath,
Weary is its garb, upon its delicate soul,

Wonder, if in all its metamorphosis,
What became of that wretched form,
Can all its disguise, cleanse its soul,
Rid it from its distortions and sores,

From all its covers, uncovers another,
Deep inside the morbid layers, hides
The same old frustrated soul, reshuffled,
Bedecked, bejeweled, bright as new!


Written by: Alma Zaidi

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