In the current society, we live in, it seems like we are surrounded by a stereotyped mindset and dogmatic beliefs which in turn shape the way people act or behave in this world. The conventional behavior can be very disturbing for a lot of people in the society as every person is born with a different personality and might perceive life differently than others. Individuals who praise a tranquil and quieter lifestyle are a lot of times perceived weird and considered ‘not normal’ by the current society, who misjudge other people due to their unlikeness from the majority. Introvert comes from Latin “intro” meaning “inward”, and “vertere” meaning “turning.” It describes a person who tends to turn inward mentally. Introverts sometimes avoid large groups of people, feeling more energized by time alone. Introversion is not an abnormality or ab idiosyncrasy, it is a characteristic or habit that is completely normal and a part of many individuals who like to live inside their shells and carry it everywhere they travel, yet exploring and creating new things all the time like others, but in their own way.


Introverted people have a quiet and calm disposition and they, most of the times, will tend to go to places where they have got enough space and time to recharge themselves and to energize their mind, so that they may be able to do their work with more diligence. People who are more towards introversion may usually be found in places where there is less noise and crowd. They may be busy in thinking, sitting silently and not having anything on their mind, may be in some profound depth of silence thinking about a book they have just finished or else they might be reading something. Interacting with people and becoming social butterflies is not their thing most of the times and the stigma that is attached to them is that they don’t have the ability to do that, though this isn’t the case. They aren’t scared of going out with people or hanging out with friends and family, it is just that they require some space for certain period of time and they don’t want that, they need that at thosr moments. They can be some of the most beautiful people to talk to, with the most wonderful mindsets and thoughts, if someone approaches them and talks to them first, because they just can’t get out of their comfort zone quite easily. If they become your friends after you have given them that warmth and comfort which they need, then they can become some lifelong friends and will become genuinely concerned about you in everything.


All the social bees and butterflies have to learn that they do not require change in their personalities; they require space for a good mood and a satisfied life. Everyone has their own way of living and a different perception of life so just let it be that way because sometimes things are not the way they seem like, it is just that we have to learn to respect other manners of behaving or acting.


Being an introvert often has negative connotations and with society feeding on our brains by saying that it is extroverts who become successful citizens and pursue good career opportunities, it may become difficult for introverts to overcome the stigma. Though there are ways which help introverts grow and achieve more than they can even think of. Introverts are self-reflective and they know themselves very well as they ponder over what is happening with them and around them and tend to observe things in silence, rather than going on with what comes to their mind first, so it helps them take better decisions. While they want some space and spend some time alone, that is when they can get their work done and on time without anyone bothering them! As an introvert you might enjoy observing rather than being heard so you may give a lot of thought to something before speaking about something. This may make people around you more interested in listening to what you want to say. Moreover, being on the quieter side will give you an air of mystery.


In this loud world, introverted and quiet people are valued at certain times because giving off a mysterious vibe might be attractive to many. People who spend a lot of time thinking about themselves and their life know themselves very well and this makes them more independent and self-reliant. Introversion has a lot of advantages so let your introvert flag fly!


‘‘Whatever kind of introvert you are, some people will find you ‘too much’ in some ways and ‘not enough’ in others’’

(Laurie Helgoe)

In today’s world, introversion may face discrimination and unfair treatment by people which might be a cause of discouragement and demotivation. Introverts are those individuals who are a lot of times associated with labels like; ‘Hate social gatherings’, ‘cannot communicate properly’, ‘are quite lonely’ and ‘cannot make friends’. Teachers and students in schools, employers in workplaces and parents at homes keep prodding about such people to ‘get out of their comfort zone’ but the problem isn’t with the introverts, it is with our mindset. Introverts do not hate social gathering, in fact they can be some of the best hangout buddies you will ever have, but too much talking and noisy environment becomes white noise for them. It seems like they cannot communicate well, though the truth is that they speak after thinking twice on what they are going to say or what they want to say exactly due to which they speak sense.


People really do not know the difference between ‘being alone’ and ‘being lonely’. They are two different things. Some people like to spend some time alone to get the required space which makes them happy however being lonely means that someone is sad or depressed. Introverts tend to make friends carefully after spending some quality time, which clearly shows that they ‘can make friends’ but won’t hangout with every other person they talk to.


In this loud and extroverted world, introversion faces a lot of discrimination, rejection and negative connotations but the fact is that you cannot answer back to every person who tends to disapprove of your behavior, there is not any perfect reply to make people quiet and make them learn about your way of seeing the world and handling matters. If there is one way to live successfully as an introvert, that is to stay the way you are and be that way forever. We should stop viewing introversion as unhealthy or as a pathology we must fight against; we should stimulate such working and learning environments where introverts, just like extroverts, are able to flourish, unlock their intellectual capacities and reach their full potentials.


Written by: Areeha Ijaz

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