Man is a statue of his mistakes. He may be Ashraful Makhlooqat (best of the creations) but he is also very selfish, stubborn, foolish and ignorant.

“Indeed, your Lord is vast in forgiveness.”

Al Quran [53:32]

He is the Al-Mighty, the Maalik, the Protector and the Glorious. He has 99 names and loves us all, each and every one of us, beyond our expectations. When we fall, it’s His name we take to rise. When we are hurt, it’s His name we take to heal. From our skies to our lands, from our cattle to our courts, from our food to our graves, it is He who supplies us everything.


But we get lost in this spherical ball of temporariness, engaged in its matters so intensely that we lose our sense of good and bad. Money, lust, power, fun and the circles continue, till the clock strikes for the last time, and the case is closed.


I have heard people tell me they don’t pray because they don’t know what face to show to God. Some people can’t cry in front of the Ka’abah because they feel too sinful to stand before it. The orthodox likes to blame the younger generation and modernization for being too shameful. And the liberals like to blame the conservatives for portraying the religion as suffocating. But I think the only thing we should blame is the rules we have made up in our minds that we can never turn around our lives and if we cross a certain limit, we can’t repent. Yet God has forgiven all sinners who repented and will continue to forgive. But our society likes to decide on its own who goes to Heaven and who goes to Hell. You can repent any day you want to, and you will never be unwelcomed in His House of Forgiveness. Your apology will be heard and if it is sincere, it will be accepted. You may have been called the most vicious but if you choose to be kind for even a brief moment, who knows that the little kindness you showed might overthrow all your cruelty?


You may be on your death bed and still ask for forgiveness. It is never too late. We are so scared that we will be rejected that we don’t even bother to try. The only one who has to know how good our hearts are and what sort of people we are, is Allah. It doesn’t matter what is the colour of your skin, or the language that you speak, the clothes on your back or the religion that you follow. What matters is that your apology is sincere and you want to cleanse away your sins. Have faith in the mercy of your Lord and if you feel as if a weight has been lifted from your heart, that’s when you know you are forgiven. He is the Wali (Ruler) and He is Wrathful. Yet His House of Forgiveness is always open, each and every door, for anyone from anywhere. So why still haven’t you repented for the sins that you have committed?


Written by: Anqa Khan

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