Bombardments, air strikes, massive killings, beheadings, abductions, sexual assaults, bloodshed, use of chemical weapons, they present before you Syria which is being subjected to substantial human rights violation since 2011. Once the world’s top country in literacy, it is now enduring the worst wreckage and destruction of the century. The state of insurgency in it is just a dead end as many years of fighting have passed but still it is nowhere near its end. The state of affairs is getting worse day by day on multiple grounds which implies an absence of any decisive victory of any of the group such as Bashar Al Assad government, ISIS, Jabhat Fateh Al Sham or other rebel group.

Back in March 2011, a civil war erupted in Syria as an offshoot of Arab Spring that sprouted in Tunisia in 2010. Since then the face of humanity has been smeared by different groups in different forms. At times, it takes place in the form of use of chemical weapons for killing of innocent people of Damascus, whereas at times it happens in the form of public beheadings and amputations by the fighters of ISIS. Sometimes it appears as massive executions of innocent Syrians in detention centers of Bashar Al-Assad whereas sometimes it occurs in the form of air strikes demolishing the buildings along with their inhabitants.

Since this civil war was not nipped in the bud in its infancy, it has extended to every nook and corner of Syria. According to a report published by the UN, it has been estimated that almost 70% of the population is living without access to adequate drinking water, food and medical supplies. One in every three people is unable to meet his basic food needs. More than 2 million children are out of schools. In addition, more than 4.5 million people have fled to neighboring countries such as Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. 7.6 million people are internally displaced. Moreover, these warring parties have compounded the problem by refusing humanitarian agencies access to civilians in need. Up to 4.5 million people is Syria live in hard-to-reach areas, as well as nearly 400,000 people in besieged locations who do not have access to life-saving aids. Furthermore, according to another report of the UN titled “Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Deaths in Detention in the Syrian Arab Republic”, it has been reported that more than 10,000 people have died in government custody due to extreme torture and pain.

There was a massive bombardment carried out by Syrian regime in Aleppo. It has deliberately targeted schools, hospitals, civilian areas and UN convoys with the assistance of Russia. It has been reported that the evacuation of people from East Aleppo for their medical treatment has also been blocked by the government as well as opposition groups. Apart from this, both the opposition and government have cut off the water supplies to civilians which has led to more deaths by a new tactics. In doing so, both have blatantly violated human rights by causing causalities in citizens. The questions arise here, why has the world turned a deaf ear towards the cries of Syrian people? Why has the UN failed to redress the pain of Syrians? Why have the Gulf countries shown their backs to their Muslim brothers? Why aren’t the super powers arriving at a mutual agenda to collectively resolve this grave issue? Why isn’t anybody standing truthfully against all these atrocities committed by the fighting groups?

Simply, the answers to the above mentioned questions lie in the fact that the whole world is engaged in their own interests at the cost of lives of these Syrians. America is fighting just to threaten Russia whereas Russia is supporting Assad for its own personal gains such as an open access to warm waters. Likewise, Gulf States i.e. Saudi Arabia and Qatar are also indulged in pouring money for fueling the insurgency which has ruined Syria and has caused horrible devastation. Moreover, Iran’s role in this whole scenario is also condemnable for the reason that it has been empowering Assad who is a Shiite, to kill Sunni citizens.

Apparently, it is a civil war to the world but deep down in reality, it is a proxy war being fought between USA and Russia in the race of maintaining their influence in the Middle East. It is the sectarian version of the proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran who have never been in good terms because of their different religious sects. In short, it is a high time to stand up for the rights of Syrians. It is a high time for Saudi Arabia and Iran to end up their religious tussle. It is high time for the World’s super powers like Russia and USA to arrive at a collective agenda for curbing and destroying the safe havens of ISIS and other opposition groups with a collective blow of power. It is a high time for the government and opposition to have meaningful talks. It is a high time to give a chance to Syrian people for choosing their favorite leader. It is a high time for the UN to guard the human rights and avoid further humanitarian crisis. It is a high time to redress the pain of Syrians that has been inflicted upon them by their own President. And the last but not the least, it is a high time to save more “Aylans” of the future from drowning in the Mediterranean Sea.

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