What do you prefer to carry on a journey, a suitcase or a backpack?
It is not just an easy journey; it is a way through difficult routes to the destination. Then your obvious answer will be a “backpack”. Let me share my experience with you. I planned for a journey towards the northern areas of Pakistan for camping. Like everyone, I desired to take many things with me, but I knew that for carrying many items I would have to take a suitcase with me. I could not have taken it with me because it would have become strenuous to carry on such a difficult journey, so I took a backpack with necessary items to accompany me. Although it took much time to sort out dos and don’ts for my backpack, it made my tour smooth afterwards. On the way, I was looking at sceneries and suddenly went in a thought that for such a little journey, I gave much time and importance to my backpack, then what do those people do who travel more often? My meditation took me towards a broader canvas, and I started to ponder over national and international affairs in the same flow.




Meanwhile, I thought that Pakistan is on a big journey towards progress, the way is full of difficulties, so why is Pakistan carrying a suitcase? My opinion is that Pakistan should carry a backpack in which it should pack only important affairs . Currently there are many issues in the way of Pakistan, but the focus should be on the key issues. Giving importance to unnecessary things is like carrying a suitcase which consequently puts a huge burden on the nation in general and on the economy in particular. There are only some basic issues in Pakistan, which give birth to many other issues. In reality, if Pakistan takes up a backpack and puts some basic and core issues in it then the journey would definitely be more smooth and comfortable.There are many problems but there is no need to carry solutions for all of them because we don’t have enough space in backpack.In my opinion, the basic problems which Pakistan is facing are energy crisis, law enforcement problems, cultural issues and some more… might take more articles to discuss. Beyond any doubt you must have been affected by some of these core issues in one way or another. It is the dream of every person to get rid of these problems. If I was too specific to keep only necessities with me because the route was tough then Pakistan should also observe the same rule as it has the toughest route to go by.




On my priority list, energy crisis is at top in Pakistan. Everywhere electricity is needed, natural gas is required, petrol is necessary and if you don’t get these, would you be able to do any work? Obviously your answer is “NO”. Likewise, no country can progress with an energy crisis. Bundles of problems are caused by this single issue, but can you imagine that if only the energy crisis is resolved how many problems can be finished? The economic sector is massively harmed due to this crisis. In 2006 experts have warned of an impending energy crisis, in 2016, over 140 million Pakistanis either had no access to the power grid or suffered over 12 hours of load shedding daily. Now in 2017, it has taken worse forms. If we look at China, it’s a successful nation and they also have backpack containing important solutions.
How industry is affected by energy crises? In fact, this crisis has reduced the production of the factories and made investors switch to the countries where they can easily find these resources. I bet if you are an investor you would do the same thing. GDP is also badly affected as Punjab Minister for Finance Ayesha Ghaus Pasha said,

“The Country’s GDP would increase by 2% if the energy crisis is eliminated.”

Almost all of you have studied the heading of “Agriculture Development”, the main cause of this development is a regular supply of energy resources to this sector, because tube wells, tractors, harvesters etc. are used in this industry. Pakistan’s agriculture uses 12.1% energy for production and due to its shortage, the rate of production declined causes farmers to protest.



While recollecting these problems I suddenly thought about another very important thing to add to the backpack. What else would be? It is none other than “education” which is suffering a lot due to the energy crisis. For instance, if tomorrow you have an exam and there is no electricity, how would you study at night? Would you be able to pass the exam? Japan has specially worked to provide better educational facilities to students and now they are picking the fruit of it.



As I mentioned above that for my backpack I took only the most important items, and similarly Pakistan also needs to take only the most valuable solutions with it. Discussing in detail the solutions placed in the pocket of energy crisis in the backpack, they are very few and very effective. As we all know that nature is a great gift of God and His creation, the Sun is a huge potential source of heat and light energy that can be converted into electrical energy. Now the problem is that people cannot afford solar panels, so the government can put the solution as the main concern in its backpack to make it possible to provide solar panels to people by giving subsidies on them and making agreements with other countries for that. We can also overcome this issue by producing electricity through renewable resources instead of oil, gas etc. During the past few years, floods caused great destruction in Pakistan, but this water could have been a blessing if we had built dams to reserve that water. Last but not the least, the involvement of foreign investment plays a fundamental role in the power generation sector and proper allocation of other resources. I am moving forward without writing about some solutions for other basic problems otherwise it can take more articles to discuss it them with you.
Law enforcement can be another important item in the backpack of my country; this problem can be solved by making the justice system stronger. By making sure that every citizen is giving ample respect to law and is bound to follow the terms of the law, we can improve law enforcement.




In this article I have recommended some important solutions for the energy crisis, which Pakistan can keep in its backpack. I will continue this article by planning the most important solutions for other problems, to carry in the Pakistani backpack. In my backpack, I left one pocket empty, so I could utilize it in the hours of need, and Pakistan should do the same to be able to meet the diverse and ever-changing challenges that might appear on the way. This is my suggested backpack for Pakistan, and in my opinion, if Pakistan carries this, one day it will become the greatest of nations. I want to dedicate a verse of Victor Hugo, a French poet, to Pakistan,

“Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.”


Written by: Aqran Azmat

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