“Smile is pretty much similar to the feathers of a peacock, the more spacious, the more stunning. So just smile no matter what’s going on.”

Oh!.. wait.. wait a second… it’s just a caption over my selfie. Don’t be serious. Nothing like this exists in reality. I mean is there anything more fascinating out there to smile at, every time? Like am I a joker or what? It’s okay for a caption, only outside of this image, I can’t smile every time and neither can anyone else. What? Am I sounding like you? If yes, then this is exactly the article you should be reading and learning from.


I mean seriously man! Have you reached that peak of materialism where even a smile has become just a matter of a selfie for you? But guys what about that android phone that you are blessed with? Trust me, there is nothing better than your camera filter to hide your pimples in an instant and that’s something your ancestors couldn’t have even thought about and they still managed to be happy and to laugh even. But NO! you just smile for a selfie and to gain those dozens of likes and comments over it, and in fact, nothing else except a selfie exists in this world which can make you smile so vastly. Like COME ON MAN! be practical. Instead of sticking to that selfie stick try to stick with nature, humanity and the blessings that are hopping and wandering over your head in reality not like that “blessed emoticon” which appears only on your keypad and has no use in real life.

At least once in our lifetimes, almost every one of us has posted on his/her Facebook timeline against materialistic and self-obsessed people.But have you ever noticed that slighter look you pass to your anti-social friend? Have you ever tried to figure out the importance of your friends in your life? I know it would be quite easy for you to distinguish between your friends having DSLRs and the friends who are totally anti-social. So the next time before posting anything controversial about this society or labeling it treacherous, look into your own self first.


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Now the thing is “TRY TO SMILE EVEN WITHOUT A SELFIE”. It doesn’t mean that u should become anti-selfie or something else like this, rather it just means that you should try to be selfless, try to smile more widely, enjoy and capture every beautiful moment in your soul first and then donate it to your camera reel. Try to find more reasons to smile and not just that selfie. I know the question your mind just clicked on is “BUT HOW?”. So just hold your breath , here I am. Now what you have to do is to just start counting every single thing you are blessed with and think about those who are lacking such blessings then just try to thank your God for the each of those things. When you feel that those things are blessings, and are grateful for them, SMILE and that is when you would discover the smiling “YOU”. But do remember one thing, if you’re doing this to just prove me wrong then SORRY! you can’t chase what I want you to achieve, so just do it for yourself. I know you will thank me later when you will start practicing it because it will provide you a satisfaction… an inner satisfaction.



Do you know what satisfaction is? That’s exactly what has captured the sadness of your soul and life in its fist. Once you uncork it by enjoying nature and the real existence of your self and the people around you, you’ll feel better and happier. Instead of that stuff which used to hide those fictitious myths (which you have woven to judge others), even from your own self and made you a fool for so long, that you even started considering your egoistic self as a selfless or loyalist one. Try to heal your heart which is badly injured and burdened with the lumps of fickle things. Believe me, its time to meet the real YOU and not that filtered one.
Try it once and I am pretty much sure that you would definitely be saying:


and that would be YOUR victory for sure.


Written by: Fareeha Wahid

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