Having a daughter is considered to be a crime, a sadness that prevails in the family and in the lives of the parents of a girl for the rest of their lives and even after their deaths.


“Haye Allah! Tumhari Beti hai” (oh my God! You have a daughter), “ fikar na karo, Allah beta de ga” (don’t worry, God will grant you a son) are among the cries nornally heard.. Why is it so that having a son becomes that most important chore of one’s life? Why can’t this Eastern society survive without a son? I have witnessed people live without sons but with daughters and they seem quite happy and content but this cruel society taunts them to such a great extent that those same happy, proud parents, grieve for not having had sons and the daughters of the same parents turn depressed. I have seen pregnant women getting so tensed about the issue that whether they would have a boy or a girl. Although they say that they are happy to have a child but under their breath they continuously murmur the prayer of having a son because only then will their husbands and their in-laws accept them.



In the other situation the woman will be considered a shame for her family and will be the cause of the destruction of her husband’s integrity and pride. She will be ridiculed for the rest of her life, for not producing a boy, “the heir” of the family and then her husband will marry for a second time and if the second wife produces a son, the first wife will live in misery and with taunts along with her daughters for the rest of their already dead yet living lives.

This is the pressure that builds up in the life of a girl before her marriage who continuously has to hear about her being a girl, not a boy. She is being made to realize that she is a burden on the family and not a helping hand for her father. She is insulted and the world uses her as an object of trade and nothing more. She is considered to be a machine for producing babies but is not considered to be a respectful ham in any way. For her whole life, she is told that her level is equal to the dirt of a man’s shoes. She is discouraged throughout her life for being what she is, but it is not her fault that she was born as a girl and not a strong and energetic boy who could have been able to do whatever he would have wanted to do, could have been able to be wherever he would have wanted to be, all because he would have been of the stronger sex. This is the sort of burden that she dies carrying and in the end she is still labeled as weak, both physically and mentally, all because she was a girl. Nobody will respect her for who she was or how bravely she lived her life by proving herself in different situations, rather there are fingers which rise on her character, her life and even her soul is torn apart by these unknown stranger fingers and voices which echo in her world as well.

Why were these absurd yet senseless theories developed and then followed in the society anyway? Why isn’t a girl given the same level of respect as a man? Why is a girl not considered a girl? Why isn’t she given the same, fundamental rights equal to men? She doesn’t have a right to breathe, eat, drink or even live. All of her decisions are made for her even before she enters into this cruel and harsh world, which wants nothing more than to take her advantage but never accept her as a true and core part of the society. There are NGOs and other and different organizations working for the rights of women but that’s not exactly what is needed in the society. These NGOs and organizations should work to change the centuries old mindsets of the people because if these mindsets are not changed, the society will face the death of a women every day due to its useless ideologies and then the whole society will be responsible for the deaths of those innocent girls.

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