Media is a way of communication which can be imployed through electronic, print or social medium. It is considered to be an extremely powerful tool which has been influencing the customs, traditions, norms and values of a society in different, yet, extremely influential ways. It has a huge impact on masses through its three major and powerful channels. Although, not all of the three types are restricted to certain groups of people. They are easily accessible to all and every kind. Even then, people confine themselves to particular channels of media.

Society on the other hand points toward different groups of people sharing similar culture, mindsets, beliefs, values and activities. Different societies interact with each other to form a community. These different societies have a proper culture, religion, language, norms and values which do not require any alterations. The influence of media on the minds of the masses can be judged from the fact that even one channel now has the power to convince people to change their centuries old mindsets, all within a short period of time.

If observed, its found out that television serials and movies have had the strongest influence. The number of viewers are massive and they only continue to increase each day. Television, which is a part of the electronic media is strongly influencing the young minds of the society and thus, altering the future. The link below shows how children are being influenced by media.

Media has surely influenced family lifestyles in Pakistan as well. It has played a very important role in changing the old mindsets of our nation. For example, the family life publicized according to the media is that; it is a group of people living together in a house where only the men have all the ruling power. These powers include decision-making as men being the successors and the earning hand of the family, automatically gives them a more commanding and authoritative position.

On the contrary, women are to be the workers of the house doing all the household chores, respecting and completing the demands and requirements of the men of the family. They are not supposed to earn or argue, and only some of them can be granted the right of education. They are also regarded as the honor of the family.

Moreover, the honor of the family is considered to be extremely important. In most cases, a man is allowed to marry outside his family but the same leverages are not available to women. Thinking more about society and people is also the conceptual part of the family. Though in reality, these old concepts have been vastly eradicated. Men have become more polite and open-minded while women are now being given the freedom to get education, a good job and build a professional life.

Everything has its negative and at the same time, positive effects. Similarly, the positive role of media in reshaping our lifestyle can’t be ignored. For instance, the television shows have influenced the society by showing people that the person having authority might not always be making the right decisions, even if his intentions are pure. It is always better to consult others and especially, the one for whom the decision is being made. Otherwise, matters become more complicated. Shows focusing on this particular theme have convinced many people to change their methodology.

The change in the society can be easily observed. People are abandoning baseless motifs. Their analysis of a particular incident has improved. Most importantly, people have started to welcome leniency in places where it’s required. Parents are slowly making their children independent so that they can make sensible decisions for themselves. This training of a child is essential as parents won’t always be there to pick their child up in difficult times. More importantly, parents now seek the advice of their children in personal matters. Whereas, in the old times, decisions were only to be made by the elderly members of the family.

Another example is of “Child abuse”. Child abuse is a common case which is being observed everywhere but its awareness specifically, needs to be highlighted in the family system. Many times, a child faces abuse at the hands of his or her own family, but it is not revealed due to the family honor. As a result, the child suffers through the trauma alone for the rest of his life. The way this concept is provided is excellent but, the only flaw which can be pointed out is that it is aired at prime time and watching such idea in the form of a play is not good for a child’s thinking. In fact, it could be destructive for them. Dramas promoting these concepts have made parents become much more vigilant. As a result, many parents have also started to provide their children with sex education which strengthens the bond between parents and children so that the children can talk to their parents about the problems they face without any kind of hesitation.

The societal setups are being influenced by the media. For some, it is playing a positive role and for some, it is playing a negative role, but we can all agree that it is indeed, changing the societal make up. If a more positive effect is to be expected then, work must be done to minimize the negative sides from being expressed. One must give a solution rather than highlighting the same problem time and time again. The negative side might be more influential, but in the end, it only depends on the way how mindsets are to be changed and what sort of change is anticipated.

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