I burst into tears, standing in front of my dressing table. I looked at myself in the mirror and mumbled something about what and who had hurt me the most.


“Where were you when I needed you? You said I was the only one so close to you and you couldn’t once help me when I was the victim of your “true” friend’s lame taunts? You never told me what your problem was! Then one day someone told me about her conversation with you and showed me all the messages you had been sending, then I am told that you regarded me as a “fake” and hypocritic friend of yours who does nothing but ignores you…?”


My cheeks burned as tears rolled down and I sulked over the thought of my last best friend or ex-best friend. I had never been so sincere to anyone. She was more than a friend to me, she was my “soul sister”, dearest to me of all fiends I had ever had since my childhood. For three years, she had been the most thrilling and most exciting reason as to why I went to school. From the day she joined school, three years ago, we were together. As if by super glue we stuck together, hung out together and if we were away from each other, there were social media applications to assist us. In good times and bad, we were one, not a single soul was unaware of our sisterly bond. I had never been so sincerely and truly fond of anyone; I loved my sister so much. I never thought of a world without her, yet whenever I was forced to do so, my heart started sinking. But now, my worst nightmare had begun…..


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I cried and cried; I couldn’t hold it back now, I just wanted to let all my feelings out.




I felt better when I thought of my mother. I shared each and everything, even the tiniest details, with her. My mother always advised me that friends should not be given as much importance as I gave them. She shared her experiences with me, and like every other mother, she wanted her daughter to stay safe from the beastly world of friendship and fantasy. All her tries to protect me went in vain for I was a crazy teenager running after friendship quotes on social media. Mom told me that no one is there forever, but I just never agreed to that acute analysis. I kept arguing that “we” will be together. Nothing could keep us apart. Who knew what the future held…
From an outstanding student, an A grader, I fell to a D. Messed up everything and, most of all, my studies, not because of anyone but the leading cause of this downfall was the fact that I wasn’t prudent enough to simply let go.
Nobody matters in this cruel world but it’s about time we realised this. Who knew that a friend could turn out to be fatal to one’s spirit or anima and to one’s mind. I revealed the secrets of an inflamed soul and an aching heart.
I had myself experienced that people are never what they seem to be. It was time to move on. Be who I was with or without one person. It was time to fix my shattered world and stop it from crumbling further.
The journey had just begun; the waves inside me were finally starting to rest; the earthquake had to be stopped.


Written by: Sibgha Fatima

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  1. What a beautiful story it is. Loved every part of it. Well done Sibgha☺

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