I am a 23 year old woman, living in Islamabad and today I faced a difficult situation which came as a shock to me that in the country’s capital which is considered safe for women, this incident can occur without any consequences. This made me wonder what is happening in the underdeveloped parts of the country.

It was an average Saturday. I had come from a workshop with my fiancé and we decided to meet up with my sister at an elite café in the most polish sector of the city. We had tea and everything was as per usual. It was a good day coming to an end. We bid farewell and my fiancé left for a meeting, while me and my sister were waiting for my car to arrive. I noticed that my fiancé had forgotten his package and I called him to remind him about his package. He said that he was on his way back and I should come downstairs to the market from the double storey café to hand him his package as he was getting late. I went downstairs and I was waiting for him when suddenly I caught sight of a guy in a white car, with the lights turned on and he was looking at me with his external genitalia protruding out of his pants . For a moment I thought I was hallucinating. How can it be that in Islamabad’s most elite market a man was doing this but when I focused I realised that he had tongue sticking out and he was masturbating to the simple sight of me and as for those of you who would be concerned about my apparel, i was wearing Shalwar Kameez. It was not dark either, as it happened around 6 Pm.

Naturally being a girl from a protected well reputed family, I got scared and went back to the café, told my sister about what had happened and called my fiancé back to the café. I was scared and shocked that how can a person who seemed educated enough would do this in public. Has he no shame or remorse? What about his family? Doesn’t he fear that by doing these things how can he face someone he loves? Do these people even feel love? How do they live with themselves? I was so stressed that even on my way back I felt so impure. The first thing I did after returning to my home was to take a shower in order tp wash away his dirty looks off my body.

I could have let this incident pass away but I decided to write an article so that the people reading this should keep in mind that how deeply a single act of lust or temptation can affect the other person. This is the reason why parents are so hesitant to send their girls away for studies or work. This is the reason why many girls don’t continue their studies. This is the reason why rape is so common and why women feel so insecure even in the 21st century. Because of some sick minded people women are nothing but a tool to fulfill their evil desires, even in the public. I would urge the men of Pakistan to take these incidents of molestation seriously, rather than to sweep them under the rug, saying that it was nothing. Both men and women must unite against these sick people and eradicate this evil from our society.

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One thought on “Abuse

  1. Whoever you are.Stay Strong <3 .I mean if I were there i would have kicked his butt I mean who gave you this right?If ever sth like this happens to you again,do contact some serious guy who doesnt look like a douche (There are nice guys also) so that these people an be taught a lesson.

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