I find academies amusing. Rooms filled with students, books and teachers, with no sign of education anywhere. They act as catalysts to this marks-oriented academic system (I don’t think it deserves to be called an educational system). If you’ve spent enough time in an academy, you probably already hate it. Most people do. Here are 5 reasons why:

1- You don’t have a life, you have academy

“Man let’s go out for lunch”

“Wait let me check if I’m free.” *opens test schedule* “Sorry man, not free. Maybe we’ll hang out after the board exams.”


Can you count how many plans with friends you postponed to ”after board exams”? I understand that your future depends on your marks apparently and that tests are important, but get a life! I know people who leave their houses at 7 in the morning and return at 10pm (no exaggeration). I’ve been one of them during F.Sc. I have friends who start feeling like they need immediate medical assistance if they skip a class for a shake with friends.

The Burden


And don’t think these are only a few students, I conducted a small survey in which academy students were asked “Would you say that your academy ruined your social life?” More than half of them said “Yes”. This is because their lives revolve around their test schedule. Talking about the most popular academy of Pakistan, they conduct 20 tests each month (working days are 26). And this is me talking about days other than those of the “Test Session”. For in the test session you have a test everyday.

In such situations, you find two kinds of students:



Group A:

Those who realize that they need to have a life, and studies are not “it”. Studies are a “part” of their lives. So they miss classes if they have to, skip tests if they feel like once in a while, and still don’t get a cardiac arrest. They may not “score” as well as the Group B students, but still, they’re mentally more mature, physically healthier and soulfully more joyful than Group B. They also have something called “Personality”.



Group B:

Those who think “life can wait; I gotta do Chemistry right now.” They usually stay depressed, have little maturity and are physically weak aswell. Even though they have acute personality deficiency, they write good essays on “the importance of having a good personality”. Most choose this path and end up with pitiable personalities and a lack of skill. (I don’t count marks in skill).


Each of these academies is killing innocent people silently in its own unique way.


What I’m suggesting is, take a break once in a while, hang out with friends, hang out with yourself, make some memories, meet your family once in a while… and smile… if you have time.


That you won’t


2- You’re so creative!

Creativity develops when you get a chance to do stuff that requires creativity. Just like muscles become useless if not used over a long period of time, creativity needs using, lest it should rot.



I always had a thing for speaking up publically. I had in my college, one of  the best debating societies of Pakistan, yet I couldn’t attend a single camp. Reason? The timing of the camp and academy coincided. I wish I could explain how tremendous an opportunity it was that I missed, the height I could have reached with my speeches had I attended those camps.


And this is not just me. In that survey, students were also asked “Did you participate in co-curricular activities like debates, quizzes and plays in your college?”


57% of them never participated in any co-curricular activity whatsoever. 26% said they had little involvement and only 17% dared say that they did participate in some co-curricular activities.  Also, 72% said “if I did not have academy, and had enough time, then maybe I would have participated in these activities”.


3- Crushes and Affairs:

All the boys I know in academy, have crushes on girls in the academy (including me). However, there are three kinds of guys who claim that they do not have crushes on any girls:

1. Those who are lying

2. Those who are toppers

Say there is a person who has loved apples since childhood. You put that person in a room filled with apples, and you tell him “don’t eat one”. You put him in that room for hours every day, for years. You already know what will happen. He will soon develop a craving for apples. He will start fantasizing… imagining the taste of them. He might even eat one secretively, without letting you know.



Did someone steal yours?


The point is that guys love girls more than they love apples. Only the above mentioned two types of guys claim they don’t. So if you put guys, in a room filled with girls, every day, for years, how do you expect they will not have crushes? And girls aren’t angels either. They have crushes too. If the crush is one-sided, it leads to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and if it is two-sided, it leads to lots of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and other haram stuff.


In the survey, academy students were asked whether they had crushes on any girls in the academy. Of course many would have said “no” even if they did, but still the results prove my point. 61% guys said they did have crushes. The rest were definitely not lying.


4- Such college, much wow

Many teachers teach both at colleges and academies. They teach don’t teach at colleges the way they do at academies. They do that to force students to join their academies, which doubles their income (of course there are exceptions).


Many colleges have been seriously affected by academies. Students were told “no academy – no marks”. So students started focusing more on academies and less on colleges. College attendance fell. The college teachers started taking their jobs lightly, because they figured that even if they didn’t teach the students well, they would eventually learn everything from their academies anyway. Thus the college system began to deteriorate. But when the result came, it was great! So the college administration thought: “Well this is easy! We don’t teach the students, let them do their academy work, and they score! Why should we waste our time on them when we can get the same results for free?”


This created a dilemma, for now, if a few students dared to break free from academy and to focus on their college (which is what should be done), they get low grades because the colleges have lost their quality. And if these students ignore the college and focus on the academy, then the system of the college further depletes.


Almost all government colleges have the parasite of academy sucking the quality out of their bodies.


5- Merit in the skies

Can you see the ray of light fade away?


I know a guy who scored 1055/1100 in Matric without regular academy. That’s me by the way. I know many students with marks well above 90% who didn’t put a foot inside an academy. It’s just that they believed it could be done, so they did it.




Elephants are tied to nails hammered into the ground. If the elephant pulls the rope, it can easily pluck it but it fails. Do you know why?

When elephants are young, the trainers tie them to tree trunks. The young soul tries its best to escape but fails. Thus a time comes when it accepts that it can never escape. When it grows up, even though tied to a nail, it thinks escape is not possible. It was made to believe that escape wasn’t possible.


Yes, I know that not everyone has a great school; not everyone is capable of catching concepts easily, but even for those people, the academies did more harm than good. Take entry tests for instance. Before academies, people wouldn’t score a lot and the merit wasn’t so high. Now, everyone goes to academies, and the merit of Lahore for MDCAT ended at around 90%. More than 50,000 students lose this race every year. I can bet that without academies, the merit would be close to 80 percent only. Of course, a lot of people will still lose the race because of limited number of seats, but at least making the merit would be easier than climbing the K2!

6. Conclusion

The academies are making it harder, not easier, though it may seem otherwise. We will continue to sleep in our blissful ignorance and let these parasites dressed in expensive suits ravage the base on which our country stands. When will we wake up? That looks a bit inappropriate. Will we ever wake up? That sounds much better.


Written by: Muhammad Rohan Hussain

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4 thoughts on “5 Reasons why you should hate your Academy

  1. I bet the writer still goes to academy. What’s the advantage of this article? How much impact did it have? How many academies were closed and how many ppl left their academies after reading this?
    Sitting in ur cozy beds and writing this stuff won’t help. Go out and change the system. At the very least instead of picking out problems from the system – u are a part of too – gives viable and applicable solutions. Now that can prove helpful.

    1. There is only one solution to this problem.
      If one or two students read this article and leave an academy, that won’t do anything. Nothing at all. The only way is either (a) a Government check on academies or (b) a collective boycott of the academies by students.

      Now I ask you, how can we trigger those two things?
      (a) We can trigger the Government to keep a check on these academies by informing them about the harms they have caused (hence the article).
      (b) We can trigger a collective boycott if students really are aware and accept that the academies are, indeed, harmful. How? (The article).

      It is the drops that make up the ocean. Don’t think you will go out one day and shout “Hey guys! How ’bout we boycott the academy?” and people will say “Yeah sure, let’s!”. In real life, continuous, small efforts, combine into something big.

      And what if? What if someone reads this article, and decides he won’t go to an academy, and will rather give his college a chance? What if only one does? What if only one students saves his 2 college years from going into the trash and actually grooms his personality at college? Is that not enough change?

      For me, even if it helps one kid, it’s enough.

      And as for me going to the academy, then yes, I do. Why? Because I’m an MDCAT Student in Lahore. The merit here ended at 90% last year. You know why? You do.

      So if I say, “Well I hate academies so I should sit at home, because it will do 2 things: (a) ensure that I don’t enter a medical college (b) not harm the academies AT ALL”
      Then well that’s not wise.

      So, even if by sitting in my “cozy bedroom”, I made more change than anyone else I know of ever did. Small change, in someone’s small humble life, but a true one. A true change. That’s what this article is about.

  2. Salam I agree with all the points you cover in article but I think our education system ruins completely from our basics like a primary student is now so much engage in co-curricular activities than the adult student even teachers they are hiring is not good in teaching is ok but they should be excellent in multi tasking so much fee then these academies bring private sector of education more activated now education means you have money you can buy any degree.its sad but true.

  3. I totally agree with all the points mentioned in the article.Good effort to create awareness.

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