The world is broken. We are the last chocking remnants of a fire waiting to burn out. Mankind has always sought out ways to wage war with itself. Finding conflicts where there are none. Razing cities to the ground on poorly constructed pretences to sate our never-ending bloodlust. Alas, war as it is, comes at a high premium. One that our glorious leaders, or tyrants, whichever you prefer, are willing to pay without second thoughts.

It is we, the common people, who fight these pointless excursions. Giving our lives for causes and ideologies that may have others look the other way, cringing with disgust. Us commoners, with our ragtag clan of expendables as the higher powers seem to view us. What is the reward that awaits us at the end of the path from which many may not return? A few medals and recognition to justify the atrocities committed. Another boy, father or family laid to rest because they chose to oppose the propaganda pushed by our governments to suit their own half-baked agendas.

Long gone is the time when battles were fought with iron and steel. A time when wars would last anywhere from a few days to a quarter or even more of your then average lifetime. Provided you did not fall victim to the plague or get stabbed in the back at first moment’s notice. Those were simpler times compared to the present day. Where wars could be started and brought to a swift end with a few words and the push of a button. With the technological advances of modern day science, soldiers no longer even need to be present on the battlefield to kill. No longer does the enemy writhe pain and terror as he stares down the barrel of a gun. An unmanned drone strike or two later, he probably may end up very dead without warning. Lives don’t hold the same meaning anymore, as they can be taken without much hesitation with the advancement of war faring weapons. Humanity slowly falls into ruins as we further immerse ourselves and sink into the frigid cold depths of deprivation.

The world as we know it is slowly ceasing to exist. The line between right or wrong becomes unclear. In the end, we move on to what can only be seen as our impending and inevitable doom. As we stand over the ashes of our fathers and their forefathers. A generation born to witness the end of the world.


Written by: Amir Sinan

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