And through the wicket of conscience I conversed with life, asking where it wanted to lead me? It answered “Where ever you intend to lead me”. I informed it that this is not where I want to be and all it asked in return was, “Are YOU sure?”

It is true that the right spirit, with the right attitude and mindset can achieve wonders, but sometimes people abundant in such qualities fail to produce results that reflect them. So what do they do? Do they give up hope and give in? Or accept it and follow-up with something better?

After this year’s MDCAT (Medical and Dental Colleges Admission Test), many students found themselves asking these questions and thinking along these lines.

I’m here to answer some of your questions and somewhat help you cope with it or aid you if you were the subject of unfortune at the hands of the ruthless test.

There are 3 main stages that you need to pass through in order to deal with your depression, defeated purpose, wounded self-confidence and anxiety.


Stage 1: Grief


Let it all out, keeping it bottled inside yourself will only hurt you. It’s okay to feel bad, frustrated and angry but it is wrong to keep it inside. I remember when I sat down to take my MDCAT examination this year things were not going my way. Everything had gone contrary to my expectations. As I sat there looking at my work, I was not happy with it. As soon as they collected our sheets, I simply let out all my anger then and there (no, I did not start screaming bloody murder or break down crying) and I regained my composure and walked ahead. People have different coping mechanisms, some deal with grief and anger silently, others tend to be more vocal. Some people take hours or even minutes to deal with conflict, others take days or even weeks. You must take all the time you require to deal with your shortcomings, but promise yourself that after this period of grief is over, you will not look behind, you will erase it from your mind and move on.


Stage 2: Realization


You need to realize that things won’t always go your way. You might have prayed, studied and dreamt that dream but you need to realize that there are thousands of others who are also doing these same things. You need to realize that living is important. You need to realize that you are not a loser, you are simply a normal human being. You need to realize that other brilliant and capable students are also going through the current predicament that you are going through. You need to realize that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.


Stage 3: What’s next?


Ah! The infamous question that has boggled the minds of each person at least once in his or her lifetime, what’s next?

I’ll first tell you what’s not “next.”

You failing in life because you weren’t able to pass a test, finding it hard to find acceptance, not being capable of working in other fields, sulking away in your bedroom thinking you are good for nothing.

Now to answer the original question, what’s next?

To be honest, it is not my place to tell you that because the answer to that question lies within you – it has always been within you – you just need to acknowledge it. Now some people might not be aware of it but one of the best outlet to channel it are your friends. On the contrary, people usually tend to isolate themselves from their friends especially those having better scores. Stay social, talk to your friends, see what they are doing, see how they are dealing with it, see what alternative plans do they have and check if they run parallel to your interests. Make use of your time, be optimistic! Become aware of  your strengths and weaknesses. Think and reflect. Always know that you either win or you learn but you never lose. With this earnest undertaking that you are a winner no matter despite anything that may have happened on the paper, I bid you adieu hoping that you’ll benefit from these simple but sometimes obscure guidelines. Laugh, eat and stay merry!


Writer: Zohaib Mazhar



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