In this modern age we have come across many inventions which have changed over daily lives. These inventions seem to be useful in many aspects. Technology has decreased our worries, we are now just a click away for our near and dear ones, our bank accounts are in our hands, and much more. Nowadays, everyone is enjoying the luxuries provided by technology, everyone is busy enjoying his/her own life furnished with technology. We are aware of its benefits and use it however we want. But some day if we come out of this cage provided to us by technology, we may realize that the generation of our ancestors, I mean our parents and grandparents, have been greatly affected by this modern revolution brought about by technology. Do you know how? Do you know why?
The only thing we know is, we have to wake up early to leave for school, college or job and learn or earn to meet the needs of life. We only know to come home and update our WhatsApp status. We only know to spend our evening with Facebook. We only know to enjoy with friends and come home late. We only know to chat till late night with someone we love. Doing all this we forgot… we forgot a thing and did not even pay any attention to it. Not even science has succeeded in resolving this issue. We went on with our lives without thinking for a minute and without realizing that we are empty inside. The soul is not present in the true sense. We forgot our parents and grandparents in the hustle of life. We got ourselves so busy with this life that now we cannot even find time for our own selves. We are so selfish that we have fixed two days, just two days of the whole year as “MOTHER’S DAY” and a “FATHER’S DAY”. Even on these days, we only take selfies with our parents and post them on Facebook, Instagram, etc. just to showcase our “love” for our parents. But in fact, we are dead inside. We do all of this just to show off. We don’t fill our heart, we don’t fill our soul. It is not only bad for us but also for our parents.


The parents now feel lonely, even though they do everything for their children. And when a person does some good to someone else, he expects the same to come back to him. Same is the case with parents, they want their children to love them the same as they did. But unfortunately, when the reaction is not proper, parents feel it much and day by day they become weaker and weaker and fall a prey to depression with age and early death. Science says oxidative pollutants are cause of aging, they also say that increasing diseases are the cause of early deaths. But they don’t know what is the effect of improper attention given to parents. Nowadays “Old Homes” are made to promote aging and early death. They call it modernism, but in fact they are making relationships worse day by day.


Research says that the average life span of a person is about 45 years in this era. This is due to lack of attention needed for any relationship. In the western countries families are small and are not long lived. The parents and children live on their own. No one cares for the other person. Everyone is running the race of acquiring a luxurious life. In those countries, we can say that the lack of a family system is the cause of aging and early death. But, here in our country, families are stronger and there is a healthy interaction between family members. Having all this, we still face the problems like those of the European countries. Because we also, the children especially, have fallen a prey to the overuse of technology. We interact with our family members but only on Facebook, on WhatsApp, on Instagram. Is this life? Although the family system is present but it has lost its meaning. Interactions are limited to social media. The relations have lost their pride and importance. In these circumstances, every parent feels unwell. There was time when people spent a life span of more than 70-80 years because of gatherings in families. Now those gatherings are just by name. Every day on the table during breakfast, lunch, and dinner, everyone is busy operating /her mobile phone. Don’t you see that these inventions have taken each of us away from peace. These inventions don’t seem to be harmful, but they have side effects like loneliness, restlessness, lowered eye contacts, decreased social skills and confidence and many more.
Today, our parents want our time, they need our attention, they need us, because they love us, they want us to be successful, they want to see us happy, they themselves want to be happy, they want to rest in peace after their departure, they want some time to spend their old age in peace, they want their children to care for them as they did for them when they were kids, they want us to make them happy, they really want us…

But when we see the world, its fascinating colors, we try to escape the responsibilities of life, we don’t want to be independent. Seeing this our parents have to do more work even in old age to relish our useless needs, as they love us. So they work hard for us even in their old age. During all this, they lose their peace, they have no time to rest, they lose their age of rest, just because of us. WE DO NOT LET OUR PARENTS GROW OLD.

Old age is the time when parents are in peace about the future of their children, about their future too, they feel light about their responsibilities about their children. But nowadays we are not good to our parents, we do not even understand them. That is why parents do not get proper love, attention, and peace from their children. So, they complain “MY CHILDREN DON’T LET ME GROW OLD”

Today let us make a decision, a decision to change all of this, a decision for the betterment of our parents, a decision that can change lives. The decision is to limit the use of social media especially AT HOME. Let our parents realize their importance for us, let us help them have a long and happy life, let them live in peace before they go too far away from us, let us make the change. Sit sometimes by your parents, not everything is available on google. Parents are a great blessing, so value this blessing so that you may not have to regret in future.


Written by: Hassaan Kazmi

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