I opened the door to find what seemed to be a cake with my name on it. Wasn’t my birthday, mind you, so naturally I was a tad bit confused. An alarming thought crossed me as I wracked my brain for possible answers. Could I have forgotten something? Perhaps an impromptu celebration for one as distinguished as myself. A jolly good occasion that would have been. Coming back to the scene before me, debating the meaning and existence of the finely made sweet treat that lay before me. Looked quite appetizing to be honest. Setting all logic aside, I helped myself to a slice. More like grabbed a handful, but let’s not get into the details, shall we?


As they say, beggars can’t be choosy and rightly so. The cake was delicious, a masterpiece, or as I like to call it, a national treasure! Maybe that might be going a bit too far but with that being said, it was better than the burnt toast of a cake I could manage on my own. The moist layering, the creamy textures and other equally insightful jargon used by all those baking pundits would do no justice to describe this wonderful cake. Then again, what was this cake really? An intricate puzzle? Or perhaps a ploy to make me question my sanity.


Come to think of it. Was the cake a lie? Something conjured up by the sub-conscience in an attempt to project my inner festive self. Think as much as I did. No answers seemed to come to me. Quite possibly, I might just keel over and die by the end of this ordeal. In conclusion to this seemingly pointless yet baffling conundrum involving the escapades of cake and its magical properties. I would advise you to never question the cake laid before you. Unless, well, it happens to be poisoned of course. In which case I’d suggest finding better backstabbing companionship with more creativity. At the end of the day, the cake is simply a ruse. The world playing tricks on our feeble minds. So rather than dealing with the ‘what ifs’ of mysterious cakes, bake your own. Better to eat burnt confections than ones overly sweet or laced with venom.


“It is better to die for the emperor than live for yourself”



Written by: Amir Sinan

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