What is it to be a hero…? Look into the mirror and ask yourself, for a hero isn’t a man with special powers. He is not a man from another planet. He is from amidst ourselves. He is an ordinary man like us…! Then why does everyone not become a hero?
The answer is simple, “because everyone doesn’t have the will to do what a hero does”. He lacks the will power to do something unique or extra-ordinary. He is a coward. He does not come out of his comfort zone. That is why he is not a hero but an ordinary man like us all. We all live in this world. We didn’t choose to live here. This planet chose us for a reason. It wanted us to be good and help each other. To take care of our planet, others and ourselves. It wanted all of us to become HEROES!
We all can become heroes, but a hero is beyond name, fame and money. He has the will that “I fear to see my country dying. I can’t let it die. I will stand, alone if I have to, and will raise my country up…!”
This is the commitment he makes to himself. We can all become heroes by doing only one thing. By applying one principle only and that is SELF-DISCIPLINE. What is it…? Self-Discipline is the way to live life.
“Self-Discipline is the way to do a task which is right, and to do it well whether you like it or not.”
It’s the only way to become a hero. To master self-discipline. Before doing any task, just ask yourself one question “is this right or not.” If your answer is right then do it even if you have to face 1000 difficulties for it and if it is wrong then don’t do it even you will get 1000 perks for it. That is the only righteous path most people don’t understand. So, stand up and fight for yourself. Fight for your destiny. The destiny for which you were destined to live…!
Written by: Muiz Ather
Life Tip: – Stop expecting anything from anybody…! (Muiz)
Now I am going to prove myself to be a hero and waiting for all of you that when did you become one…! Again, the only thing is SELF-DISCIPLINE…! My name is Muiz Ather and I have my own rights to live in this world, to help my country and to prove all others wrong.
Thank you…!
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