Ever heard of first, true love? The one that never ceases to impress you and is rather more giving than it is taking. It does not betray you, rather it stands with you throughout your toughest times and becomes the wall that holds you up. The one that fills your life with amazing quotes and sayings. Yes, our thoughts are the same. Books, undeniably are the best.

The remedy to the sadness and sorrows that any person carries within him or her, and to the depression that we can easily observe in this world, is books. It is usually quoted that books are the best friends that any human being can find. To a great extent, this statement holds up its true values. Books are without a doubt the best friends that anybody can ever find in this selfish, destructive and pessimistic world.
For a layman, books can simply be known as a waste of time. Hundreds of pages with simple alphabets written on them, bound together in a single package and sold for quite a pricey rate. According the simple layman, books should not be sold at such high prices. They believe that they should probably be sold outside on a cart for cheaper rates. Well, these people are unaware of the truth that those “useless” books hold. For them they are a total waste of time because they are unaware of the true power and magic of books. Now ask a person known amongst his or her peers as a bookworm. This is a common term used for people crazy for books.

For a bookworm, books are like the holy grail and a bookshop or book fair is more like a sacred temple with the presence of thousands of books spanning all sorts of eras and genres. There is nothing more they want than being at that glorious place. To them it is an ideal dream-world and a sort of wonderland where they forget all the worries and problems that they have ever carried, choosing to get lost in the peaceful world of books instead. Only they tend to understand the accurate meaning of books and their importance. The best part about bookworms is that they are willing to stay hungry and buy books with their money instead. The books acts like a drug for them, dissolving in their bloodstreams, making their passion for books even greater.

As for myself, I can surely and without any hesitation say that I am truly a happy and dedicated bookworm. A bookworm who is ready to read and enjoy all sorts of interesting books that I find on my way. Whether it’s religious, philosophical, historical or anything related to art or fiction. Books are the best things that you can own. They don’t ask or give. A number of people believe that books that are adapted into movies are better than their source material, but I believe the books are better than the latter.
That being said everyone has their own opinion about what they dislike and what they like. Books are an addiction, love and friend. To books forever and ever!

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