“Corruption is a like a ball of snow, once it’s rolling it must increase.’’

Corruption means a lack of integrity or honesty especially susceptibility to bribery or use of position of trust for dishonest gain. It hurts everyone who depends on the integrity of people with a position of authority. Corruption is a global phenomenon, found in one shape or the other whether the country is a democratic, kingship, socialist or communist, developing or developed country. Hardly is a country free from the clutches of the devil of corruption. The subject of corruption features in every international summit, as almost all the countries have fallen under its grip.

‘’The corruption in any country is nothing but a sign of selfish people who live there in the majority.’’

A recent world bank survey reveals that the corruption as on date, involves those responsible for making laws that are responsible for executing the policies and laws of the nation. Meaning the politicians and bureaucrats are mostly involved in corruption. The survey points out that: ‘’ Corruption is the most infallible symptom of constitutional and administrative liberty.’’ The 1999 report of the Human Development Society in South Asia that covers India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal find corruption as the most damaging as a result of poor governance. According to the report, corruption undermined investment and economic growth, deepening the extent of poverty.

It is true that corruption has become a global phenomenon found everywhere. The means of corruption consist of bribery, extortion, manipulation of laws, fraud, nepotism, influence peddling, embezzlement and appropriation of public assets along with property for private gain just to name a few. In Pakistan, corruption has become a way of life. It has created a deplorable situation in the country. There are many types of corruption at play like political corruption, systemic corruption, social corruption organizational corruption, judiciary corruption and countless others. In Pakistan, all these types of corruption have been and still are committed. Corruption is very common at political level ‘’Paying taxes to a corrupt government is not  patriotic, it is slavery”. Corruption has many bad effects on the lives of common people. It gives birth to many evils in the society and causes a variety problems for our country.

“Everybody s painting a picture of us as evil, dirty, corrupt, people,”-Paul Miller.

It creates an environment of injustice, it increases the crime and illiteracy rates. It lowers the economic developments and has various other harmful effects on the economy of Pakistan. We lag behind others nations due to the ever present corruption in our country.

“The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws”- Tacitus

Islam too frowns upon corruption. It is definitely a sinful act according to the our religious beliefs. All benefits derived from sinful activities are deemed unlawful. To this applies a famous hadith stating that: “The flesh that grows out of unlawful income has no pace in the hereafter but hell” (citation needed). We have to seriously think on how to eradicate corruption from our society. If the people of the country take a stand against it they have to support the judicial system and judiciary. Give proper judgment of cases in which someone is found guilty of corruption.

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything”-Albert Einstein

Every person guilty of corruption should be put behind the bars. We must eradicate the root of it. We can not eradicate it unless there is a proper check and balance at every level.

“The inherent corruption of man can often bring down the best system”-Alexis Denisof


Written by: Behroz Riaz

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