Unfortunately, we are a part of the generation where people are more interested in posting on social media about how sad they feel about terrorism, but are not willing to stand up against it. We live in a world where a mandatory Eid display is more important than extending your love, kindness and help to the poor. We are a part of a system where “I love you mom” can only be seen on social networking sites while mum, herself waits for this sentence to be said out loud to her. We are a part of the generation where all the critics are born to argue with each other behind our television screens instead of taking the initiative and actually doing something to make a change. I don’t blame technology for this. I am a staunch supporter of the fact that technology helps mankind, but I blame the people themselves who misuse it and waste their lives for nothing more than their meaningless self gratification. Don’t beware but try being aware. Speak up, wake up!


Written by: Roshanay Bano Raja

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