Midway in this world of chaos, all we are longing for is love and attention. Somewhere between the darkness, we hope for a ray of light. Sometimes when we are getting drenched in the rain, we wait for someone to bring us an umbrella. But is that all really necessary to wait for the spring in a season of autumn?
The dilemma of our life is that we wait for someone to dig caves of gold for us rather than to dig it up ourself. We have always dreamt of that someone special, someone that would come into our lives and make our dull life a colourful one. We expect so much from that person that we even disregard their own dreams and goals. Whether that is selfishness or possessiveness, it certainly a point to be pondered upon!
In life, we are our own heroes and paint our own canvas rather than waiting for someone to finish it for us. Life isn’t actually a bed of roses but what would life be without all its imperfections? Some of the things end up with an expectation of someone to fulfill them and so, building the fort on the basis of that brick, we try to live a simpler life. Expecting someone not to bring us the umbrella, but to get drenched in the rain with us. Someone not to bring a pair of Michael Kors¬†shades for us on a sunny day out on the beach but to enjoy it to the fullest. Someone not to be the cherry on top of a cup ice cream but rather, the grain of chocolate found unexpectedly at the bottom. I suppose that would lead us to live a simpler life. A one that is filled with love, care and attention.


Written by: Samra Rizvi

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