A breathtaking view leapt upon their eyes. The aqua blue lake right at the foot of a black mountain, jutted from some sides and on top of it lay dollops of peaceful, century old snow. Wild tress on either sides laden with vines and bird nests. The seeds from the papulus trees floating in daze, unknowingly enhancing the view and somehow making it magical.

“Whoa!” exclaimed my younger brother, who had just emerged from behind me.
“Yeah, pretty neat” I said with a smile.
“If the base camp is this mesmerizing, I wonder how it’s gonna be at the top”
“Let’s see it ourselves” I said while tightening my grip on the trekking pole.

It was my first time hiking on a mountain and I should have been terrified and yet I wasn’t. Why wasn’t I scared? This thought lingered on till base camp 2. It was not an ominous or killer peak but an easy one, something that a beginner like me could summit as well.

The last stretch was hard. Shallow breath, aching limbs and diminishing energy yet still I wanted to reach the top. The wind was icy cold, I buttoned my jacket. Gaining this achievement was important to me and, with my brother throwing motivating phrases at me, I knew I couldn’t be stopped.
I could hear my brother’s excitement; he was already at the top. Just a little more to go.

Even though the view had been like this for the past half an hour, I hadn’t really noticed it. Again, I wondered why. Perhaps I was concentrating a bit too much on my feet, I thought to myself, while standing on the summit.

It was majestic. The golden clouds surrounding me with a hint of purple in some of them. The blurry valley below me, even the lake looked like a placid drop. I could see the other peaks in front of me, some of them completely covered with snow. Green, orange, yellow, some patches of vibrant pink on my left side, it looked as if a rainbow fell on these fields. One could never get use to a sight like that, it was so bewitching, so dazzling, so unreal…

I did not open my eyes as once; it was a feeble attempt to keep on sleeping but my mind was fully awake. Controlling my smile, I switched on the bedside lamp. Ignoring my medical box and the jug of water, I looked at the alarm clock, it’s arms pointing 6:00 am. I got up slowly. Today I might reach my office on time. I bent and grabbed my prosthetic leg. As I put it in place, I looked at the wall in front of me laden with pictures. Groups of people laughing, throwing snow at each other, rows of camps, starry skies. I couldn’t hold back my smile as I wiped the single tear from my index finger and said,
“Yup, where it all began”

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