She loved it

The way the greens turned greener

As the sky turned grey

It was green, no light could make

“I guess they are meant to be”

She thought

The winds caressed her cheeks

Her hair swooshed in every direction

But she didn’t care

Because that’s how much she loved it

They called it gloomy, she called it bright

A love so profound, no words could describe

Some cursed at it, some abstained from it

But she praised that shower of diamonds from the sky

Because that’s how much she loved it

And then the sky thundered

And the violet appeared

For them, sirens of warning broke off

For her, it was a jovial melody, a silver lining

And then the diamonds seeped in the earth

Filled her nostrils with sweet smell of earth

Tingles in her stomach, her lips stretched

So she reminisced the days of joy

Because that’s how much she loved the rain

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