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Yeah! I wrote it, I wrote a letter to peace because I could not bear watching the dead body of Syrian Ailaan lying on the sea-shore  anymore, I couldn’t watch the activists of “Shiv Cena” planning and training their crew to attack the innocent Kashmiris on T.V yesterday. Yeah, let me say it out loud, I can’t bear it anymore!

Dear peace,
I am writing to you this letter with clouds of pain hanging over my head. It distresses me when I latch onto the misery of my clean-handed brethren and sisters being offended in Palestine. While writing these lines down, the frightening scenes of this alien world cause the nerves of mine to collapse and make me unable to affirm my soul but still, there resides a dream of peace within the four walls of my heart. When the noise of the gun impinges upon my brain, my desire of a tranquil world comes to be more extreme.

My dear peace, The scions of dignified families as well as middle-class pupils have heard your name from their ancestors. Like the innocent children of Northern Waziristan, who carry a burden of unfulfilled dreams over their heads. They are undoubtedly unfamiliar with what is going on around them. Since their birth, they have been perceiving the barbarous general massacre of their beloved ones. The only tower of strength which shows them the delight of being a part of this serene world is the figment of imaginations residing within their hearts. Even though they have nothing to eat but some bread crumbs a day, they are sure that you’ll one day buoy up their faces and enliven their days with the melody of singing cuckoos and the gurgles of restless rivers. They are sure that a moment will surely come, when you will knock at their doors and make the wrinkles of miseries vanish from their faces and will leave behind such a lantern, whose oil will never finish and its light will be enough to dissipate the clouds of darkness over their heads forever.

Then my dear peace, my feet carry me through thorny forests and vast plains and let me get a glimpse of the mournful tears of the parents of the piteous children killed by cold-hearted terrorists in Peshawar in December, 2014. I see a girl walking to her school without her two brothers, whom were sent to heaven in the same tragedy. This teeny-bopper with tiny bag-pack on her shoulders fills my eyes with tears. It’s unimaginable for me to think of a life in such circumstances. But the eyes of theses pupils, filled with a hope of a placid and serene world have proved that it is beyond the bounds of possibility to tyrannize them under the potency of the terrorists.
And as this journey drags on, the painful scenes of this shattered world fly towards my face. I have to endure great difficulties while passing through ruined urban sprawls and dismantled county-sides. I see the truth being repressed and righteousness being suppressed with the hammer of brutality and lies. I see the values of virtue drowning in the vast ocean of darkness. I see a cold-hearted boy carrying a sword over his own brother’s head and I see the innocent pupils of Palestine unable to go to school. Now, even though my heart is ragged and in shreds, it still carries an aspiration of tranquility. There in its core, still glows a candle of hope. Whenever the hopeless spectacles of this world attempt to extinguish it, the enthusiasm and zeal of little pupils to attain you (peace), heightens my spirit and boosts up me energies.

In fact my dear, now my soul is impotent and heart worn out. And how could it not be, when I have been witnessing the barbarism on the humanity since the moment I was born. But at the end of this strenuous journey, I eventually triumph to see the sun of hope ascending from behind the mountains of ignorance. I succeed to perceive the luminosity of tranquility, the radiance of knowledge and the brilliance of gleeful smiles of children on the horizon. Yes I see a world, where no man scorns his fellows, where greed no longer saps the soul nor avarice blights our day, where everyone shares the bounties of God and wretchedness hangs its head.
It is where my dear, you adorn your own way. Now, what you can do is to finally come and buoy up our days with your presence. Now only you can save those adolescents who are always in the quest of books to read and an asylum to live. After all, you are the one, who can give to me and the whole humanity a life, a really cherished life… Now, it’s all up to you!!!

With love,

Tuaseen Kalsoom

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