I asked this question to myself what life actually is, although already having spent 18 years of it. Is it about how social you are? Is it about what goals you have achieved? Is it about the level of satisfaction you have? Or is it about the changes that you embrace? After going through some reading process I came to the conclusion that life always asks for a plan. A plan that does not specify its end.

There is no manual provided to you when you are born. No two people are the same. Everybody has their own preferences and comfort zones. One cannot specify it according to their gender, age or culture. Yes, society norms are very much present but they are made up by the people themselves. They don’t decide how the other person should live their life. Maybe a fuddy-duddy person does not like the modern trends of the world, this does make him different but it does not make him anything other than a human being.

You might think what you’re doing at this age level is wrong. This is not the “ideal” age for you to do it. You look towards others to judge the wrong and right. You don’t do it on behalf of your preferences and priorities. You simply neglect both of these for the sake of not being different in the society. You actually wait for the right age level to do it when you knew you were capable of doing it before as well.

Everyone have different capabilities. It’s about how one should make the most use of it. If everyone started living in a specific way, they wouldn’t know what life truly has in store for them. Life is special for everyone in their own way. Plus worrying about the past and future in life will not allow you to live the present. The following stanza would help you understand it better:

Na urooj acha hai,
Na zawal acha hai,
Bass jiss haal mein khuda rkhey,
Woh haal acha hai

Life is too short to worry about what has gone and what is yet to come. Live your life to the fullest. Often it is said to leave the worrying part for your old age but even then why worry? You did what you wanted. Of course there are some decisions you regret but you won’t be able to feel the intensity of happiness until you have seen sadness for your own self. It is rare but life does give you second chances and its never to late to live again



Written by: AhemNuqat

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