Just like in the movies; the pillow pressed tightly against the innocent’s face, as the innocent struggled to break free of that suffocation, thrusting their arms and legs in the air, just for ones breath that was so worthless a few moments ago amidst that sweet slumber; Sarah felt the same. Her tears were the air and her emotions were the pillow fogging the comprehension of her mind and the feelings in her heart.

Laid on her bed restless, yet motionless, thinking how never in her life had she ever wanted to cry this much yet not even a single drop of melancholy left her eyes. Body bruised with lies, manipulation, scheming, and foolishness; bruises only those innocent eyes could see. The stereotypes yet again failed her belief in the world of change. it was true after all, the world praised beauty. She was unsure whether she had only herself to blame. But one thing was for sure, Sarah knew she wouldn’t let this heart break affect her life so the tears had to be shed. She knew, it wasn’t fair to her and even though in the moment it felt like her world had shredded into pieces and that there was no other guy for her, she knew those stereotypes of beauty and the concept of love at first sight had to be blamed because if it has to be love at first sight, it must be one hell of a sight. Sarah wasn’t one of those sights.

Weird, but she was relieved she wasn’t one of those, because her heart was a heaven and her personality was a landscape of it, and that’s what matters right? Only the rational thinkers thought so. The world is a place for the rational, foolish and the blind lovers of society. And unfortunately, the fools have won over the majority, so they praised what didn’t matter in life but what mattered in that moment of youth and regretted it later, beauty. Sarah’s worthless personality couldn’t wait to be finally worthy.

Her only option was to find rationality, and she thought she finally did, but he was a class apart, chasing the motto of the fools. The rationals, unlike the fools, weren’t the most appealing ones in sight, but their hearts were like the mines of black opal. The man who made her see the novelty in herself. Different, kind, comforting, funny, all the things she thought she never was. The heart bellowed to let it fall deeper in the dark hole, but Sarah knew well, she was a rational, so the heart had to be rescued. Because, the world needed these rationals they weren’t blinded by the urges of grief, they knew the tradition of life has to be respected, and so Sarah was proud, that she was one of those, who thought rationally.


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