A system which makes the nation, trains people, grooms people, educates people in the whole world but take a second and get back to Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and small independent states.

What about the education system there? What about our education system?

I’m sorry to say that our education system is poor and fraudulent.

From early childhood, when a mother should be the one to educate and train their children, we are instead sending them to preschools and training centers which nothing less than business hubs.

Our educational system isn’t making the nation infact it is destroying people who have talent.

Gentleman, we are taught behavior sciences but who is going to tell us the science behind behavior, ethics and respect.

We’re producing children who are mentally prepared to get maximum marks instead of good, beneficial knowledge or training.

We’re teaching and being taught how to get marks instead of how to get actual education and knowledge.

Holy Prophet (SAW) and Islam encourages the pursuit of knowledge.

Pope Francis said that parents should have their meals with their children

Islam says that parents should love and train their child to follow a righteous path

Holy Prophet (SAW) loved children.

Every single religion asks us to serve humanity to respect humanity to be a good person. The likes of which Abdul Sattar Edhi, Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Sir Syed Ahmed Khan had been. But gentleman, what are we doing?

Where are we going?


Let’s take a second and think. Today, do we produce good humans or expert doctors, engineers, scientist?

We are not going to have any Abdul Sattar Edhi, Allama Iqbal , Faiz Ahmed Faiz , Ashfaq Ahmed or Bano Qudsia in the future if the current situation continues.

This was all about ourselves, our mistakes which we have to correct by not being a part of a specific race. Instead being an entrepreneur, arts student or by having passion to serve humanity.


Coming to towards the faults in our system. To be more intellectual which we should be, to be successful and a noble person we should be intellectual. Many of students from us choose O-Levels instead of Matric and when the equivalence formula is applied the drop in percentage is about 1-2% in obtained aggregates for medical and engineering universities
So even after getting more percentage, more costly knowledge and more intellectual personality they lose their position.

This is our system….

The same is case for A-Levels where similar things apply.

Paper setting and examination system have their own faults, scrutiny is not that good and many people get hold of the exam paper before they are taken in some areas and some students don’t get complete knowledge just because they were a student of a government college.

Entrance tests were considered the most satisfying aptitude tests but these days many questions are being asked on their authenticity, system and proper check & balance on ETC’s.

The issue didn’t end here, lack of interaction, co-ordination and communication between higher authorities of education departments sometimes puts student’s future at stake, like in Punjab or federal territory lack of co-ordination between board of education, entrance test council, technical education council and education commission lack communication which results in loss of scholarships, admissions and the precious time of students. Most of students secure their admission in 2 or 3 universities waiting for the other one by depositing a nominal fee and afterwards, when they get admission in their desired medical, engineering or any other institute they say a goodbye to earlier ones which causes a loss of money, time and disturbance to students along with the institute management too. Due to this reason every year many admission seats in public sector universities and institutes go useless and vacant leaving the deserving students to miss their chance. Centralized system for admissions in all institutes of state is a perfect solution for it.

With all above issues if any one manages to get admission in university and medical school what are the actual numbers of the admitted?

In Public Sector of Punjab, 3,000 out of 60,000 in medical schools

7,000 out of 30,000 in Engineering

But if you’re not groomed and intellectual like other students you do not have personalized data and knowledge and thus deemed useless.

In Pakistan take LUMS, NUST, PU, UET and GIKI out. Do we have any other institute? Where we’re groomed along with proper education?

We have degrees from many institutes in different cities but we can’t even compete with the institutes mentioned above. Can’t compete with Harvard University students because we have the same degrees but don’t have the same training, knowledge and grooming.

We passed in a particular degree and didn’t even know how to dress for meetings, labs and working areas.

Because we’re are not preparing ourselves for tomorrow.

We’re are just trying to win a race which we don’t even know why is being raced in the first place.

Racism and drugs are in our societies now like epidemic diseases.

We are just fighting with each other, with our brothers, family members and friends.

Because we’re not giving our children knowledge and training, we are not grooming them, we are just giving them degrees in a specific field.

We’re not having the knowledge which we should have, we’re just given technical education because the system demands it.

This is not the story of Pakistan or Punjab. This is the story of India, Bangladesh, and all other independent states where futures are being sold for personal interests.

No Religion is higher than Humanity and humanity is all about how you’re trained, educated, interacted and raised up.

Written by: Hamza Irshad

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