And my page stays blank

For every word that I say

For every tear that I shed

Is not enough…


Nothing here to quantify the dread

The fear and the grief for the dead

They were children with lives ahead to live

And I am ashamed to belong from the people

Where they take away and never give

Where learning is a crime


We don’t have time to smile

For we’re a little too busy

Trying to stay alive to survive

Trying to escape from the truth we have witnessed


If they cannot sleep

For they are haunted by screams

And every door they hear shut

Like a gunshot it seems

They are haunted by the men

Who entered, gun blazing and tongues lashing


I cannot be proud of the place

Where they take away lives

Whose only crime was seeking education

I cannot smile now

For there is too much sorrow

In the place where we live under the shadow of guns


Think of fathers

Who’ll avoid the school road

And think of mothers

Who’ll not sleep


They attacked not one school

But the whole nation

They based it on our past

And ruined our present as well as future

These memories will always haunt us

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