She had grown up idealizing and worshipping
The good in everything and everyone
The good image of everything stood blocking her own voice like a painting, a masterpiece
That enchants one
And she like an admirer of the work of lies
Stood in awe, shunned from reality
She never feared of falling, for her parents had the means
Life was just about consumption
And nothing about learning and redemption
She left one safe haven for another
Her husband, he loved her and no other
She felt safe in his company
Not realising that some paintings show their true colours with time
Their smooth paint slides off the canvas
Exposing what the laymen hid within
But he was a man of commitments
Committed to stay strong
Committed to be manly
Committed to fake his appearance
But occasionally that shiny cover of appearance fell
And she realised what reality is
She questioned why we negate reality all over lives
Living in a world that our mind has created
A world not created and improved by our physical efforts ,our hard work.


Author: Rida Walayat Niazi


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