It seemed as if someone had burst the bubble of happiness we lived in. Life was never a sweet melody for mama.
However, it was more like a path full of hindrances and a rugged road on which no matter how fast she ran the problems would come chasing her, however, she knew that success awaited at the end of the race.

The night was a long one when baba did not show up for his son’s birthday, in fact, a life-changing phone call did. The news of baba’s death in a tragic car accident was a shock for mama. She clutched the phone tight in her hand and memories floated in her eyes. She had always relied on baba for her needs. For the first time, she felt the urge to discover the constricting norms of the society. She waged a war against the world.

The devil of time caught us when we would step on the streets and the people would throw sympathetic looks at us. The secretive talks seemed to be never-ending. I wanted to help mama when tears of pain and sorrow would trickle down her cheeks but I was too little to help. I would often find myself in the ground of helplessness. People demotivated her as if it was the end of her life; however, it was the beginning of the struggle.

Mama threw caution to the wind. She opened a restaurant which was operated by our residence. Due to the weak financial grounds, we had to change our schools as they were very expensive. The sales our restaurant began to increase. Customers started to give positive feedbacks and were satisfied with our services. After the painstaking efforts of mama for four years, we were able to purchase an apartment. We started a new life over there.

“Mama was the superhero of my life, she threw off the shackles and took the plunge.” Memories climbed the walls of Mustafa’s brain as he shared his mother’s struggle with her daughter. He said, “Life was like an ocean and we were like a boat, sometimes it took us to the shore whereas sometimes we got stuck in the middle of the ocean, however, life goes on!” And I’m glad it did.


Written by: Fatima Ijaz

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