Does my haughtiness upset you?
Like the sun and moon is mine
Does my resilience offend you?
And my silly twisted rhymes?

Do you want me to become dirt?
So can bury my spirit beneath?
And how I choose not to be a body of stone?
Does it bother you that I still feel and speak?

Have you not sharpened your tools today?
Your scissors; your fluffy deceit, your lies?
Have you not injured me enough?
And do you still not understand
That I will rise?

I will rise, I will soar, I will fly
I will moan, I will weep, I will sigh
I will laugh, I will smile, I will try
My wings will never be cut
My spirits will never die

I will be kicked, I will be shoved,
I will be kissed, I will be loved
I will live before I die
Whatever happens, I will still fly

Up from above
The heavens shall cast down gentle snow
To cool my brows after each escapade
This lantern of light I hold shall never fade

Up from above
While I’m soaring in the skies
I will be given warm sunlight
To melt again my frozen soul
To remind me to never forget my goal
I must continue to rise

And now that it is night,
Another battle has been fought
My wings drop me off at Jupiter
To let my mind cool off
In the serenity of nothingness

Times like this,
When I lay my armor down,
I ask myself and the glittery stars above
“Will I be missed?”
“Will I be loved?”
I wear my tears as a necklace and as a crown
Because in this life, this is all i have
Everything upside down

Written by: Hareem Fatima

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