It looks so inhuman, doesn’t it? Like who would rape a 7-year-old? Where do these sexual predators come from? Dare I say, we are raising a generation of sexual predators.

I’m angry today. Too long have I known this and not spoken. I don’t care what may result from this, but I must say it.

I’m a teenager of 19. I live among teenagers, I know them, I am them, so believe me when I tell you… I have not met a single guy in my entire life, who has not had exposure to pornography. I have rarely met guys who don’t consume pornography regularly, who aren’t addicted to it. Proving that pornography is an addiction is not my topic, if you don’t know already, google it, but let me stay on point.

You can deny it all you want, refuse to see it, but pornography is in your house right now… it is. We have a whole generation who is addicted to pornography and doesn’t even care. Want proof? Fine. Why does every Sunny Leone movie create such a hype? Why is she so famous? Everybody knows… she’s a porn star. And it makes me crazy when I see 14-year-old kids! watching her movies! And it makes me even more mad when I see their parents, who know what they’re watching, who (A) don’t care what movie they’re going to watch in the cinema with their friends and (B) even if they do know, don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.

Still think I’m lying? How will you deny stats?

“90 percent of boys and 60 percent of girls are exposed to Internet porn by age 18. 30 percent of Internet content is porn.”


But I suppose you will, like 90% of people, continue to assume that your child, your brother, your husband is not included in those 90% men who have exposure to pornography by the age of 18, and neither did they have exposure afterwards. If you do think so, kindly stop reading this article. What I’m about to say from this point forward is only for people with eyes.


So, what has pornography got to do with this case, with violence against women?

“88 percent of porn contains violence against women.”



And yes, I am also a teenager past 18 and yes, I’ve also had exposure to pornography… a lot of exposure. Most porn videos depict women as sex objects, things men use for pleasure. Rape porn, forced sex, blackmail porn, incest porn, bondage porn, what not, it’s super common, and those are some of the most popular types of porn.
Let’s drift aside for an instant. Remember watching a singing competition on TV? Or a dance performance? Remember how later you imagined yourself singing on that stage? Dancing? A few minutes of a mild singing competition video, dance performance video… look what effect they have over your imagination… then what would be the effect of regular porn use?

The guy begins to imagine doing the same stuff he saw being done in the porn movie, with people he knows. I know this because I’ve witnessed this effect over my imagination, which is why I fought pornography for years. Research has shown that pedophilic porn movies were found to have had a major influence on almost all pedophiles and child sexual predators.

Now let me tell you how it works. Let’s create a sexual predator.

He’s a guy who’s got raging hormones. He’s got access to pornography. He really wants to have sex. But since society is wiser than Allah, they feel it’s in the guy’s best interest to keep him unmarried until he’s around 28 years old. So even 15 years after reaching sexual maturity, the guy has no spouse, but guess what he does have? The need for one. So what does he do with all that energy, all those urges? It’s gotta go somewhere, right? And it does… to pornography temporarily, but just like cigarette addiction, that increases from a cigarette a day to a pack a day. Just like alcohol addiction, that increases from a glass a day to a bottle a day. Pornography addiction also escalates… from mild porn to violent porn to… to the point when watching it happen on a screen is no longer enough. Now he wants to do something… he has to do something… the urges are overtaking… “what do I do? What do I do?” And then he sees her… that girl. She’s young, too young, that makes her an easy target too. An older one would resist. And finally, he takes the leap, from the virtual world into the real world. He rapes her. And then you have the whole world wondering what planet that guy came from. You deceive yourselves, you see it but you ignore it, he came from amidst you, you made him, you did, you killed her, it was you, it was society.

Think this is just theory? Go right now, go to YouTube, go see Ted Bundy’s interview before his execution for raping and murdering several young girls, the interview in which he told  the interviewer what made him the Serial Killer and Rapist he was, when he told the interviewer the power of pornography, how porn made him do what he did, and how we’re raising a generation of sexual predators.

So now that we know the problem, what do we do about it? First of all, for God’s sake, speak. If you’re addicted to it, speak, write, do something! Get out of it and help others get out of it. Fight the new drug. If you’re a parent, talk to your children about it, ask them if they’re stuck with it, help them out instead of thrashing them. If you’re an elder brother, elder sister, ask your younger brother if he’s addicted. And please don’t think it’s an offense to you, me suggesting that someone in your family may be addicted to pornography. Because it is an offense, but not to you. It’s an abuse to us as a society, as Muslims, but most of all, as human beings.


Written by: Muhammad Rohan Hussain

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4 thoughts on “Zainab’s rapist is not as alien as you think

  1. Respected Rohan,
    I respectfully disagree on some of the points that you brought up. While it is true that many Pakistanis are addicted to pornography, and yes there is porn out there that depicts violence, it is ALWAYS the choice of the viewers to imitate what they are watching. You said it yourself, nearly everyone around you has watched porn. Yet Pakistan, thankfully, isn’t in a rape epidemic that our neighbor India is suffering from. By default, what you’re suggesting is that porn is turning us into sex-crazed maniacs. As appealing as that may seem as a headliner, that is simply absurd.
    Also, there is also a lack of an alternative on your part. Shall we force our youth to marry at the age of 15 to quench their sexual desires? All you’re suggesting is that we “talk to our families”. While that is commendable, I’m pretty sure in a country where even the word “sex” is a taboo, discussion is impossible.
    Lastly, and I apologize for bringing up my strongest point as a dessert, is that you’re using this inhumane act to serve a personal agenda. We should be focusing on legislation that tightens the raping penalty along with introducing counter assault laws that empower victims and make them feel safe for speaking out loud, and not slashing teenagers for watching porn on their phones.
    What happened is terrible. Before we start throwing our opinionated selves into the discussion, it’s prefferable to deal with it with respect.
    I apologize if my opinion is offensive.
    Your acquaintance,
    Hamid Dastgir

    1. I respect your opinion, though I do not agree with it, and no I don’t mind. I rather appreciate you mentioning your viewpoints. Let me address your objections.
      Objection#1: It’s a choice to imitate what you see:
      As I said, you extended my comparison of the porn video to the music and dance performance video too far. You’re ignoring the fact that porn is an addiction, and the difference between a habit an addiction. The basic difference being that a habit is something you control; an addiction is something that controls you. As I said, each and every addiction escalates, it never remains constant. When pornography escalates to the extreme when pornography itself isn’t enough, then it COMPELS a person to do the immoral (P.S. Go look at the origin of the word pornography, you’ll know that it’s defined as something that forces you, i.e. does not offer a choice). And notice I said “escalaltes to the extreme”, for most the escalation does not reach an extreme, as it doesn’t ‘normally’ in Pakistan because we’re Muslim and the guilt plays a role. But that doesn’t mean it can’t. What you’re suggesting is that just because every porn watching Pakistani isn’t a sexual predator, that means porn doesn’t make sexual predators. I never said every porn addict becomes a rapist, I said every rapist has had porn affect him. And I am not “SUGGESTING that porn is turning us into sex-crazed maniacs”, I’m STATING that fact, for which I gave undeniable evidence in the form of Ted Bundy, watch that interview first and then deny it. And don’t tell me that’s an extreme case, because that is what I myself am saying, it IS an extreme case, starting from a not-so-extreme case.

      Objection#2: Shall we force our youth to marry at the age of 15 to quench their sexual desires?

      A. You won’t be FORCING them to SATISFY their desires. You’ll be ALLOWING them to. You’re talking as if they don’t want to have sex, and parents will be forcing them to have sex with their wives.
      B. Why is marrying at the age of 15 a taboo to you while a child having a relationship with a girl at the age of 10 is not? Have you not seen the case of Ayesha R.A. who got married when she was 10? And of course you do know, but knowing and believing are two different things. Of course early marriage is a super-controversial topic, most people are against it, but I support it because Islam does (about which there is no doubt).
      C. Wrong wording can make a fairly positive idea look negative. They won’t be QUENCHING their desires, they will be satisfying them. And satisfying them within marriage is better than in other ways. And know that these are legit desires and they WILL BE satisfied, even if it has to be through wet dreams, you can’t stop it. Better to do it the halaal way than the haram, but if you disagree as to whether guys being openly friendly and more to girls is haram or not, then we having a debate won’t yield any results because we disagree on basic principles.

      Objection#3: you’re using this inhumane act to serve a personal agenda

      A. I wrote this article so that I could live with myself, not for another purpose.
      B. My parents, or any family member on that account, are not going to read this article, and even if they were to, you think it would serve me admitting in front of them that I have had “exposure to pornography… a lot of it”?
      C. Yes, I do want to marry early, and that is “not” an illegitimate desire. In fact, that is the most legitimate desire I can think of for the Prophet SAWW said, “He who did Nikah, Allah secured half of his Deen”, and God knows that is my major intention with wanting to marry first. And I know I’m gonna, the resistance isn’t as much in my family. The fact that I’m still raising my voice against late marriage, means I’m actually trying to help people who have more resistance, which proves it’s a lot more selfless than you might think.

      I apologize if my opinion is offensive.
      Your acquaintance,
      Muhammad Rohan Hussain

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