Where are we going?
What is life today?
To live is to die someday,
But not by living it
We are fading away to earn a living
Our soul’s life, the institutions have murdered
Nature’s free language is translated into to the language of logic
Categorization gulps all the uniqueness from the world around us
Humans lose their core self
A self that can do wonders if set free
Cut off from the mechanic symphony of the modern world
Thus, to live is to die
To fade away
To die someday
And soon to be replaced by someone else.

What is life today but to murder one’s free soul
To earn a respect from the very institutions that dictate our life
In bending his soul man forgets that he is the one who created it
The very institutions
Thus, my point being made
Man can be a slave to his imagination or the imagination of others

Written by : Rida Walayat Niazi

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