I do flourish,

I do demolish,

I save and I kill,

I will do what I will,

I dance and I hit,

Every piece I can fit,

I love and I hate,

I am the pen to write my fate,

I laugh and I cry,

I am afraid to lose yet I try,

I rise and I fall,

I am the bowler, I am the ball,

I create but I die,

I am truth but I lie,

In my own games I don’t win,

I am the priest and I sin,

I try to run, but things make me stop,

Born in the bottom that’s why I yearn for the top,

I overthink every night this very thought,

Let’s die in my teenage because why not,

I’ll succumb to the people that I fought,

Will be buried along the plans that I sought,

There will be a few eyes filled with tears,

But I will be free of all my fears,

Even if I decided to stay a little longer,

I will only be a sadness monger,

But if I stay;

Would all of you want me, love me, squeeze me tighter?

I know you won’t, I’m giving up I’m not a fighter,

All I beg of, is for you to understand,

Is this the oasis or am I playing in the sand?

Maybe I am something I never can figure out,

With closed jaws and lips I shout out loud,

I am immortal within the things I create,

I am food for the worms; part of my fate,

I do control the world, but I can’t by myself,

The stinging bittersweet part that I hate,

I am the biggest paradox you will ever see,

More complicated than anything can ever be,

I started the world and I will end,

I am full of pride but I will bend,

Behind this mountain lies my hope,

I must cripple to cross this slope.

Written by: Mussawir Abrar

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